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Saja was the man of the match for me ...

Argiriou bothered me, definitely during the first half.

Jimenez interview is great ...

"Even with ten players on the pitch, they still weren't better than us, the goal came from an error on our part".

Anderlecht game is next and with so many injuries it's gonna be hard.

First SL loss under Jimenez.

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We had a very bad performance I think, we didn't even have one chance. Jimenez should have put Lagos as leftback and Guerreiro as winger, a player who can create chances. Argyriou made mistakes consistently and looses a lot of possession. Manolas should have started from the beginning, he played very well when he came on and as Santos was there spectating the match hopefully he can call him up for the NT. Djebbour had no support, he had no deliveries and I don't blame him for not scoring. Saja was our only good player and had a very good game and it's a shame he never kept a clean sheet. Hopefully we don't play like against Anderlecht this Thursday.

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Personally, I think the honeymoon is over. I dont think who we have on the bench for a coach - the team is laking in multiple areas. We were pretty much outplayed and should have been down 3-0 by halftime - but thanks to Saja for having a 10 on performance.

I stay with my original statement prior to the season... Another midtable finish unless we get real signings... not the cheapo, "free" signings we tried to do over the summer...

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