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yeah, except all reports indicate that Plessis is also overweight and out of from and that he probably won't be ready until after Christmas! :o At least that's what the erasport reporter said early in the week.

im still amazed how/why we bought that peice of garbage.

OOoooh but he had affiliations to Liverpool, so he MUST be good..... :rolleyes:

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I have never seen Plessis play... Drakos tell us some about this player...

from what i've seen he's a tall and has a physical presence but not much else. He's a Ligue 2 level player and won't be contributing much in the near future. He has physical attributes so who know how he'll develop, he is only 22 after all. But if he was Greek I wouldn't put him in the first team of the u21s
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Kante has a broken finger and will be out a couple of weeks at least. Injuries are part of the game nad having two starters out every week is normal. It's that I don't have confidence on our bench any more. For the game against Copehagen we have Ioannidis, Marinos, Dimoutsos, Mavrias, Karagounis, and either Katsouranis or Simao. Besides the last two (three) I don't think any of the other ones are adequate replacement for our starters.

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