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we host panionio this saturday who will have fans in the stadium..we need to start winning, this is the game to do it...the players must take the 3 points, we cant keep losing unneccesary ground so early...

apparently spyropoulo will be ready for the match but chances are nioplia wont risk him...govou's father passed away and i cant see him starting this, reports suggest luis garcia will get his spot or ninis will move right and garcia will move into the centre...other than that they say katsourani will get a place in the starting 11...we may see boumsong benched for this one too, as i think kats should be as well..

apparently simao has put on some kilos and plessis' physical conditioning is not quite ready yet...i hope eben whips these two into shape...we need more discipline in the team...

more reports will come closer to game time

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apparently today at training simao twisted his ankle and now will probably miss the weekend game...according to reports nioplia tried the starting 11 like so....

vyntra, kante on the left, sarriegi and katsouranis in the middle, gilberto, simao, luis garcia, leto, ninis, cisse...

when simao got injured, marinos came in and took his place who to me, played much better as a centre midfielder in preseason then he has so far at right back...

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simao practiced today and is fit and in the team for tomorrow...govou is also included despite missing some practices bc of his fathers death...

spyropoulos is out again but will be hopefully ready for copenhagen, seitaridis will miss both game..petro is still out...mavrias will play with the golden team and fernandes is out...lazaro is out again but he completed training with the team for the first time this season..

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Nothing to write home about, but we manged some moderate pressure and a couple of nice chances.

Nice move by Ninis to see the opening Cisse created with his move to the sideline.

It should allow us to relax a bit in the second half, but hopefully not too much. In every single game this season we opened up the score, but we have managed only one win so far. Our midfielders show some movement, but our defense (not just the defenders) look a bit shaky at times. We need to be careful and hopefully score one more early in the second half.

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im surprised at how many mistakes gilberto is making..although it was boumsong who headed it poorly, riera got behind our defense because of a crazy header backpass gilberto tried to make to bomusong who was already under pressure...he has also misplaced alot of passes and is playing slowly, taking alot of touches instead of pinging the ball around first time...

i hope we come into the second half as we ended the first...we started to look like a dangerous team..

and a very nice goal from ninis who showed what he is capable of doing...

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now, this is a dangerous situation, because I have no confidence that PAO can hold a 1-0 game for a whole half. sorry, guys, but if we don't score one more, Panionios can tie us. I've seen this movie before. :angry:

As soon as I said this... Katsou 2-0 :box: :tup: :LOL:

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