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seiatridis has been training fully these last two days but is not ready to travel to kavala...neither is spyropoulo, petro or lazaros...

apparently nioplias is going to rest gilberto and give a starting spot to karagounis...we all know how we do without silva, but he has been looking a bit sluggish and does need a rest..i want him to be fully fit and ready for our matches in october and i dont think we'll suffer too much against this kavala side without him...

reports also suggest that garcia is in line for his first start in this match too in place of ninis..i dont mind this either, let the man get some game time under his feet, im sure he wont dissapoint...i know everyone is skeptical about him, but my gut feeling tells me he will explode onto the scene and be very useful for us this year...

and as crazy posted, we will have the backing of our fans! so lets clean up in this one...

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Tzorvas pulled an amzing save after his own error brought Kavala withing scoring range. Then Kavala hit the post in a corner where our defense was completely out of shape, and in the follow, Boumsong displaced the player who had a clean header (maybe with a bit of an outstretched arm) so he missed by hitting the post.

We need to find a way to keep opponents far from our box.

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2-1. We created zero chances. Our coaching staff has a huge responsibility for this horrible and undisciplined team. If there is no brilliant individual play by one of our players we can't create anything. We can't even exchange two passes in midfield and we can't run for the lose balls.

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