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Tournament will be held in Malta from July 3rd till 16th.

Other qualified countries are Malta (host), Spain, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Iceland and Poland.

The draw will be held April 19th.

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Group stage

Matchday 1

Tuesday 4 July

Norway vs Greece (18:00, Centenary Stadium, Ta'Qali)

Iceland vs Spain (21:15, Centenary Stadium, Ta'Qali)

Matchday 2

Friday 7 July

Greece vs Spain (18:00, Gozo Stadium, Xewkija)

Iceland vs Norway (21:00, Tony Bezzina Stadium, Paola)

Matchday 3

Monday 10 July

Spain vs Norway (21:00, National Stadium, Ta'Qali)

Greece vs Iceland (21:00, Tony Bezzina Stadium, Paola)



Thursday 13 July

18:00, Tony Bezzina Stadium, Paola

21:00, National Stadium, Ta'Qali

In the semi-finals, the winner of Group A plays the runner-up of Group B and vice versa. The allocation of semi-finals to stadiums will occur after the group stage.



Sunday 16 July

21:00, National Stadium, Ta'Qali

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