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Olympiakos - Xanti 0-0

I can't believe we lost to them.

We now need one point in the next 2 games to clinch this title .


Who cares about how we played. We did what we needed, made it comfortable with the early score, kept Atromitos from having any real chances, and in the end we made it a fiesta!

Now we can be ready for the celebrations in our home next Sunday. :nw:

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More good news: Iraklis-PAS 2-0. Which means that Iraklis is saved for good and PAS relegated for good. Incidentally, it is against these two -now indifferent- teams that we need to secure a draw in order to lift the trophy. Not bad...

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By the way, I am giving Cisse an assist for his fantastic pass to Leto, and Ninis an assist for his fantastic pass to Karagouni (even if Cisse finally converted the penalty). I hope you don't mind :P

I was looking at Cisse's stats (he had a really good game to day) in the superleague:

27 appearances (in 24 he played the entire 90 minutes) = 22 goals in , 4 assists, 2 penalties won, and 6 times he hit the woodwork. Unbelievable!

Drako: if they ban OAKA next game the fans should pack the olympic ground outside and watch the game on huge screens Pateras should set up. Then we can have a proper celebration with fireworks, jugglers, belly dancers, and everything. I will be really mad if we don't see a real FIESTA next game.

Titus: yes, that Paok. I suspect they gave the game to Larissa though B)

As for us playing two uninterested teams, I can hear the complains that we rigged that up too :LOL:

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and Ninis an assist for his fantastic pass to Karagouni (even if Cisse finally converted the penalty). I hope you don't mind

I do mind. Remove it immediately please. This is lying with numbers, pulling the wool over people's eyes. Enough is enough Cyber.

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What? Are we talking about the same PAOK that was robbed of the trophy at Vikelidis by the prasini paraga? Fascinating...

I don't see how it could be otherwise.

You see, PAOK was playing so well in games prior to Aris, and going into the the derby they were very confident.

Therefore it makes no sense that they wouldn't play equally well in an away derby. Its simply an impossibility. Therefore we've got to conclude the obvious, that a handful of frivelous Spathas calls infected PAOK's game from within and stopped their ability to play defense without tackling the man instead of ball, as well as create any sort of offensive actions, not to mention Spathas enabled players like Nafti, Koke and Calvo to dance around PAOK players by not stopping the play when they supassed PAOKs players ----- and he also had a key role in two stunning Campora finishes, by not disallowing the goals.

Seeing as thats just been proven, we can also likley discover that the referee caused PAOK to lose to AEK and Larisa too. The referees decided another championship. PAOK missing out the 1st place spot they never had, just has nothing to do with PAOK's inability to score goals against Aris, AEK, or AEL.

dont be fooled its pontian logic from those morons. Their actual arguement from fans and paok-leaning journalists was that it wasnt possible for PAOK to suck because in other games they were "great" (yeah 2 lucky goals from 2 chances vs PAO isnt exactly great form) Can't wait to see Aris smash them them again in the playoffs.

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I really doubt they will punish the stadium for the game with Iraklis.

There are many reasons not to.

With the title secured it's a good bet it's going to be a capacity crowd. Why would they deny the team the receipts and all the associated taxes and fees that everyone will benefit from?

Also, how horrible would it look to have the fiesta on an empty stadium. They would be knocking out the image of their own product.

A heavy fine would probably be forthcoming, or a "technical" delay on the decision that could impose a possible ban for the first game next season.

But everything is possible in Greek football.

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one point away...its nearly impossible to lose it now..BUT we must be careful...iraklis can be a very dangerous side...we lose that one and we are on the edge of our seats in the last match day...i dont think we will lose it though :D

now for some analysis...

there were moments in the game where we looked poor and moment s when we looked very good...ninis is an essential part of the squad and needs to be kept..add another creative player on the right and we will have an extremely dangerous front line...gilberto is fantastic as well..such a smart player...atromitos had a string of minutes where they looked dangerous but we managed to keep them at bay and instead of the pressure being near our goal, we pushed it into the midfield..the penalty was a penalty for sure...salpi's offside was a very difficult call and the rule does state that if it is a questionable call, the advantage goes to the ATTACKING player...leto should have scored 3 goals tonight and really needs to improve with his right foot and his finishing...his goal was very beautiful though...great linking play between cleyton cisse and leto...fantanstic awareness and ball from cisse to create the goal..it shows he does much more for us then scoring.. lazaros didnt get any time, i guess he is not showing himself enough in training and to be honest, cleyton has come in two gaes in a row and has been very usefull..creating the play where vyntra was fouled vs pas and making the initial pass to cisse for the goal today...

just one more point and its OURS!!!! FIESTA STO OAKA IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!

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what a difference 1 week makes!

In just a few days, PAO won the title and put 1 leg in the cup final.

I knew it that winning the title would make people forget our troubles and losing too many points lately.

With the team directly into the CL and the guaranteed money, they can start the planning now. :tup:

Good, very good.

Not to take anything away from our happiness, I think we have to be improved next season. There's lots of room for that. I don't know which teams will compete against us next season, but we have to be more effective in taking advantage of the opportunities!

I hope they ..delay the decision to ban fans, because there should be a celebration during the last home game of the season. :D :D

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thats not confirmed yet....theyre saying that due to a strike theres some legal thing where PAO cant get banned a game till next year because they need a set amount of days notice.

God I hope thats true, i really want to see PAO celebrate a title next week!

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