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Seasons liek this are dissappointments...

When will Oly get a chance tobe in the final 16 against a sophmore team like BORDEAUX?

Or when will pao play for a chance to go to the qaurters agaisnt Standard....

Or last year vs Villareal.


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Maan! :o I cant get over how close we were to make the final eight, despite not having a real coach, and without the best players healthy. Wouldve made my spring! Good to see that Kokalis and crew haven't sunken the ship completly. We still manage to give a good fight, pirate style :box:

I hope the Basket guys at least make it to the final four final. Or else i'm gonna be so depressed :(

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in the USA the game is live on fsc.

lifeless performance by the geys

bar7 lets not start a 10 round between us after so many years.... :nono:
very funny..

this was in the 1st half, & all games are live here.

nice way to bounce back in the 2nd half, & get bounced out, too bad. better show than i expected

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