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Panathinaikos-Standard Liege


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A week to go and still no tickets on sale.

Ninis should be fit.

Currently 7th in the Belgian League:

1. Anderlecht 60

2. Club Brugge 51

3. AA Gent 43

4. KV Kortrijk 41

5. Sint-Truiden 39

6. Zulte-Waregem 39

7. Standard Liege 38

We should NOT approach this round as favorites!

Need better than 3-2 to qualify.

I am hoping for a 2-0.

Return game on the 18th, just three days before the derby.

Wouldn't we want to leave Liege with a qualification, high morale, in full strength for the reds?

Belgian supporters have the opportunity to watch the game in Athens for 340 euro


This includes airfare, all transfers, game ticket, free time in Athens.

Sounds fun!


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I doubt Noblias or the players see this as a light game. Now they're seem to be hungry. They can go one more round, and such opps don't appear often.

Trifilli is right about momentum and having to face the reds with a qualification to the next round of Europa.

These 2 games should have been played in PAO's new home, a proper football stadium.

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We cannot compare this to Roma and say it's an easier game. Considering our weaknesses this is a tougher game in my opinion. We outscored Roma (6 in 2 games) but in most cases if you concede 4 goals over 2 legs you are going out. We were able to score so many because Roma are never negative and defensive. Along with Genoa they're Italy's most offensive minded team. Standard on the other hand won't try and come at us. They won't play with open spaces thinking they're a superior technical outfit.

The will be tight and well organised and will use the athletic ability of their players to cause us problems. Let's not forget Olympiakos only beat them 2-1 at home thanks to an injury time winner. They lost 2-0 in Belgium. ITherefore if we match Olympiakos we will go out. We have to be very good to beat them and a different set of skills than the ones we displayed against Roma will be needed. We'll need to work harder in midfield and produce better expansive football. We'll also need to compete athletically in midfield and be weary of the counter and their pace up front. I'm very nervous because I have a feeling everyone at PAO is expecting to cruise to victory.

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Good points Euro. PAO has done better with teams that come out to win. But, we do give up easy and frequent goals to opponents. Copping up 4 like we did with Roma ain't gonna do it this time.

I'd like to see a clean slate from our defense but...

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ok Standard Liege is absolutely an easier game than Roma. Still tough, but Roma is stronger. Standard Liege is a team who struggled with Salzburg and lost to Gavros. Roma is one of the best teams in Italy.

PAO actually will be likely to dominate the game, as opposed to Roma where that was definitley not the case despite 2 miracle 5 minute bursts.

Wont be easy, but won't be as difficult as Roma unless we dig a hole for ourselves through garbage defending.

I definitley expect to win.

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Standard wont give much space.. itll be one of those tight games and i tight games.. anythign can happen...

As for the oly comparaison.....

They lost to Oly 2-1 in Karaiskaki and beat them at home 2-0 and missed 5 chances to score more..

They are not an easy team

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Standard came back to score 3 goals after being down 2-0 vs Saltzburg!

The Austrian team had a dream group stage and their elimination was a surprise.

PAO players have to be very careful not to forget that any team can lose,

even from a less talented side.

That is what we did to Roma.

I am sure Nioplias and Warzycha will stress that.

I want a win in Athens and a tie in Liege.

Marinos was good vs Levadiakos, he might play.

I expect Simao to do a lot of work as usual, he has been a hidden treasure for us.


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It seems like there is a media strike in Greece on Thursday, so I gather we'll watch the game with natural sound and no commentator.

It's just as well. I will get a playlist together for the occasion. I thought of some Jazz but I'll probably go for something fast and brainless; Rory Gallagher, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, KMFDM, Zeppelin and the such to remember the old times ... any other suggestions?

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looks like there will be lots of changes to the 11 for this match..nioplias is going to rest some players...it looks like he will give spyro and rest and play darlas ( :tdown: ) we really need a back up left back..vyntra will come back in the place of marinos..

simao will come in for kats and play alongside gilberto and karagounis..there is a chance ninis may play in place of kara..

apparently rukavina and lazaros are replacing both salpi and leto...cisse of course will be starting..

i dont think with these changes we will come out with too positive of a result but i hope im wrong...

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I personally enjoy watching the antiestablishment, anti-globalisation, pro-peace, oneworld, greenpower, anti-IMF, demonstrations, under the politically powerful messages of: Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy No 1, mixed in with some Zappa!

Their messages are quite relevant to the economic/moral collapse of today's politics.

When it comes to PAO games however, nothing better than the old..."Syllogos megalos den yparxei allos..."

followed by Queen's timeless anthem "We are the Champions" at the final whistle.

Prior to each half, to get fired up, I would recommend for your listening enjoyment the "melow sounds" of fine music from:

Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Sex Pistols, Anti-Nowhere League

with songs as:

Paranoid, Highway Star, Iron Fist, No Remorse, Blitzkrieg, The Trooper, Skin of my teeth, So what...

After an exhausting event nothing better than

"No Quarter" from the ZEPP, or "Astronomy" from BOC.

Before sleep John Coltrane for sure :)

Back to the PAO game.

There is a general strike :tdown: on Thurs.+PAO = CHAOS ( XAOS ) :ph34r:

No Public transportation, no planes

I will have to walk home after the game!

The Standard fans will have to stay overnight :whistle:

Greek Banks made billions of Euros in 2009!!! :blink:

Greece is borrowing trillions from the IMF, US, Eurozone at 6.6%

WAKE UP :angry:


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ha ha you got some classic anthems there trifili.

sabath I can't stand besides "paranoid", Purple are still gods, Motorhead I can take (sandman especially), I absoluteyly hate Metallica for some reason, Sex Pistols remind me of my high school years in Greece :P We all forgot Ministry and I'll have "Jesus Built my Hot Rod" queued for when Cisse scores the first one.

Man, Greece is a mess. People ask me here what's going on and I laugh because this seemed to happen all the time when I grew up in the late 70's and 80's. I think what's different is that my (and especially, younger) generation grew up with no concept of hard times. The old timers were used to it, they focused their energy on constructive political dialogue and worked their butts off. It was exciting to see the excess of the last 15 years but I knew it could not last. I just hope the country does not lose its barrings.

Compared with 3500 years of history, this crisis is small potatoes. The old, small country will shake it off, eve if trifili has to walk home from the stadium (are you going to be in trifili?), and the Belgians have to spend a night in never-sleeping Athens.

But like Savopoulos said at a time of greater calamity: "

Edited by cyberfish
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The Standard coach, in a Belgian TV interview before flying to Athens, was asked how he compares PAO with Oly.

He replied:

"They are a much more talented, more organized group than Olympiakos"

I would not make it up... ;)

The Belgians are astonished about the general strike in Greece.

These are Mediterranean phenomena, that occur mostly in Greece, and sometimes in France, Italy or Spain.

Athinaie, Cyber, imagine a general strike in the US... :LOL:

The last time something like that happened, was in the early 80s, when the

Air traffic controllers union went on strike. Reagan fired ALL of them!!! :tdown:

ALPA, our pilot union, attempted something similar in 1999.

Billy Clinton declared national security issues, which made such strike action unconstitutional...

Tomorrow the Greek public sector will be dead.

We are lucky to have electricity!

From one extreme to another!

Cyber, "Enter Sandman" is by Metallica which you hate, so no problem.

Motrohead is popular among gate 13 fans. They have a strong following in Greece, and have performed live several times at Gagarin and Rodon.

During one of their recordings in Athens, they performed their hit "Metropolis", but changed the lyrics to "Acropolis"...

About the game.

All these changes may be to rest players, to give the hungry ones play time, or to confuse Standard?

Hope it's for the best.

Come on Gali zero in our net!

Need to win by 2-0.

Standard will attack.


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It looks like a lot of changes will take place. I am not too worried about Galinovic since I don't think the difference between the two keepers is that huge. Galinovic' experience and game off the line might come in handy even if his reflexes are not as sharp on low and away shots.

We might see Ninis on this one, but we'll probably rest Kara and Katsourani, and maybe Salpigidi. It would be great if the backups can pull a dominating win, but it's a risk.

But with the Asteras game looming in a couple of days, and the rest of the heavy schedule, we need eveyrone to step up and contribute, especially those who have been resting all season long (Roukavina, Christodoulopoulos, Cleyton).

I am only worried that Darlas might pick up a couple of silly bookings the way he mistimes and throws his body around. I hope Nioblias keeps Spyro on the bench if he plans to rest him. Wasting a quick substitution is not as bad as playing with 10 players.

I think it will be an easier game for us than we expect.

Edited by cyberfish
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