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Arsenal - Olympiakos


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I'll do the honor in opening up here. ;) Our next CL match will be a tough one after there well-earned 1-0 victory to AZ Alkmaar. Arsenal are in fine form and can we expect from Olympiakos is basically they'll have to play in a very defensive formation, maybe 5-4-1-1 or 5-3-2-1. You guys decide which one you think would suit best.

I could be heading to London on the following week, have not decide to make the trip.

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If an out-of-form Everton team that has been depleted by injuries can tear AEK apart while in 2nd gear what do you think the best attacking team in England will do to Olympiakos? Olympiakos' lack of pace and pressing ability makes them tailor made for Arsenal. I see a 5-0 win for Arsenal and if they really want to put on a show I can see this being even higher.

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1 day is left because our most serious and big game of this season.I know that Arsenal is thousand of miles ahead of us in every posible aspect of the game but is always nice playing against one of the Top 20 teams in the world.I just wish for a nice performance and not a really "bad" night. :box: :box:

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Sorry fellas but I see one way traffic in the back of the Olympaicos net... Our defensive line has to be spot on and Nikopolidis should eat his Wheaties before stepping onto the field...

Arsenals youth is no joke and the speed they have is tremendous.. I would like to see a high scoring game w/ both teams scoring a couple and the scoreline finishing 3-2 or soemthing like that but honestly I don't see it like that but more of 3-0 or 4-0 Arsenal...

Diogo needs to impress Ziko and this is the PERFECT game for him to do this... We all know what Dudu, Zairi and El-Toro can do it's the other guys that I'm worried about...

If we get a positve result in England it will be a HUGE success..

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Good luck against the read coats today. Bring some points back for Greece.

I won't be able to watch live but these kind of games are lke "diporto in triliza" for me. If Olympiakos wins, it's great because a little Greek team beat a British giant and Greece gets some much needed points in UEFA's ranking. If Olympiakos loses it's all good because it's always good when Olympiakos loses :P

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Ante paidia, let's not get raped. We lose by one it's ok. Draw? More than ok? Greek clubs have never been capable on English soil. Arsenal is the weak sister of the Big 4, now's as good a time as any

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