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Olympiacos - AZ Alkmaar (Champions League Mathc)


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finally greek league gets some points.....we have a lot of restoration to do to get the 2 automatic birth places back!

And the Dutch used to be the problem. Now it's the Russians
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With the exception of Bravo it was a very impressive performance at the back with Mellberg marshalling the defence in fantastic fashion. Zairi was lively but his decision making was dumb at times. Torosidis was brilliant.

From an attacking point of view Olympiakos were terrible though. The team was disjointed, had nothing on the left and Diogo was isolated and clumsy. Olympiakos were lucky to escape with the win having not really created anything. Hopefully something more is added so you can make it through.

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If we could have taken the 1 - 0 before the match we would have and I am so relieved.

I didn't see the match. Just a quick grab of Toro's goal.

Anyway it's just begun.

I expect to go undefeated at home and possibly pinch points at Liege and Alkmaar with the eye on either finishing 1st or just behind the winner (Arsenal?).

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So that means we beat ergotelis 3-0 you lost 5-0? what? I dont get it...


Athletico against APOEL had 17 shots... and 9 scoring chances. In one game.

Against us they had 9 shots in two games....

Chiotis played his ass off...

Its the result that counts.. its the performance you fear...

If you are happy with your team... thats fine.... Good luck

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Bring up the ergoteli game,but i don't think that game counted for Olympiakos. Like you said its the results that matter, and currently we are tied first in our champions league group while you guys are in Uefa. Soccer is not about what ifs and performance, its all about results, so you can jump up and down about your ergoteli win, but at the end of the day, you are playing on thursdays and not wendesdays and tuesdays

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Alkmaar made some decent chances, but they never looked really dangerous to me, like they would actually score.

Zairi I thought played strong. His decision making was fine, he is a winger. Dudu was the one with the horrible decision making / dribbling/ passing etc.

Zairi just sprints, dribbles and sends balls in, and he does it quite well. That assist was beautiful. I'm a big fan of the player, OSFP did well to go out and boldly sign a player based on his playing merit, rather than what club/standing he has popularly.

Seriously Vazelas, they lost to Ergotelis in a friendly match. I mean come on they are not a super team but they have some solid talent, a loss 5-0 to Ergotelis is a bit of a fluke and its obvious OSFP didnt care too much about a mid-international frienldy game.

As for PAO not being in the CL, whatever, the new system is bullshit and favours the weak, its welfare crap. If those teams are worthy enough to be in the CL, then they should have no problem going through a normal qualifying, correct? Correct. PAO played Sparta and Atletico.

OSFP played who? and who???. You guys got a suberb draw in the Group stages, with Alkmaar who is not great, Standard who is tough but beatable, all youve got to do is finish higher than they do to go through.

OSFP will be a bit pathetic to not qualify from this I think.

OSFP is not that great, but they have a far superior defense to PAO. Thats something only the most hotheaded blind PAO fan would dispute.

PAO have more depth in the midfield, and definitley the better strikers in Cisse and Salpiggidis.

I don't think I "fear" OSFP, because they are more or less the same group as last year, who PAO outplayed twice and was unlucky not to beat really. Somehting on the OSFP team did not gel offensiveley. I'm pretty sure we can beat them, but they also have the defense to frustrate us. Probably a 0-0 draw again :LOL:

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Olympiakos started in the right note the CL group campaign but we cant and should not get overconfident like some newspapers and fans feel.Defence was great and even Bravo especially in the second half hold his ground while Melberg is the best thing that ever happen to us.Dudu was bad,Ledesma run a lot and Torosidis was the MVP of the game.Alkmaar is Holland's champion but the fact that they have never played in CL group stage showed last night.Olympiakos needs,especially at home to have more possesion of the ball and be more creative at midfield and attack because the season has a LONG way to go and you can not expect few players to carry the load and to give solutions with out a real team plan.

This win will give us a few days of getting back in a normal shape of mind but Olympiakos has many more hard games starting up with Paok this upcoming weekend.

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Olympiacos FC began life without Temuri Ketsbaia with a 1-0 victory against AZ Alkmaar in their UEFA Champions League Group H opener as new coach Zico looked on from the Georgios Karaiskakis stands.


Olof Mellberg revealed he and his team-mates were as much in the dark as the club's fans after Zico was named as Olympiacos FC's new coach on the same night that the Greek titleholders opened their UEFA Champions League campaign with a victory over AZ Alkmaar.


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First off it's been awhile since this match was played. Congrads to Olympiakos to a well-earned victory. They proved themselves they can outclass a quality team like AZ Alkmaar. The defense was suprub, we still lack attacking power. The goal was a beautiful setup and it worked to perfection. Hopefully they can bring this kind of intensity in Emirates Stadium against Arsenal. Only 1 match was played so there is 5 more to go. This is the way to start off the Champions League season. :tup:

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