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Transfer News 09/10

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According to Sportdog.gr Panionios are very close to signing Anorthosis' Polish forward Lukasz Sosin.

Over the course of the season his game has dropped an awful lot and I think the 32 year old is starting to show signs of aging. He should have been signed by a Greek side 3-4 years ago but everyone was sleeping. Now I'm not sure how good he'll be by next season, but I'm sure he'll be a major upgrade as a target man than Delura. Therefore this will be a good move by Panionios if it's true.

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Genome I hope you are kidding (you are right?). Anyway they spent a considerable amount of money on these two players (for the first time out of how many years?), but in my opinion left major gaps open on the rest of the team.

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Genome 100% agreed file. There needs to be change and fearness in the league. Someone other than Olympiakos needs to win the league for the simple need to get interest back in the league. I don't care who, PAO, PAOK, AEK, Xanthi, Panionios,etc.

It's just not fun anymore watching the Greek league. It's like watching a movie for the 10th time, you sit there and watch it because you have nothnng better to do, while knowing all along how the movie ends.

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