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Yeah well f u c k them, he's a part of OUR TEAM, and WE need to develop our group of guys with his efforts. Once we reach a certain level of communication and performance, we can most definitely reach the CL semis, even finals. It will be good for us and good for Greece as well.

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That might be all right and all, but I do believe that the big 3 Greek teams do not develop talent well anymore.

Sure they have talented players in their system, but to make the next step is very difficult.

PAO will waste this kid and it will be a shame.

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English clubs also waste Greek talent. How much playing time did Tavlaridis, Giannakopoulos, Donis and Zagorakis get in England?

Coaches of English team hold back Greek talent. Gullitt never trusted Dabizas and Gekas is in Portsmouth's ice box.

Ninis is better off either staying in Greece or waiting for a move to a German team.

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