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  • 2 weeks later...

Four minutes of added time.

If Xanthi lost and I were a Xanthi fan I would've eaten my shirt out of frustration. But they won deservedly I feel.

We had everything going for us, especially what concerns reffing (penalty out of nowhere, goal from Xanthi denied) and we still couldn't win.

Inability is the word that comes to mind when I think of AEK lately. Definitely up front. We've got the players, but not the mentality or the system.

End of the game,

Xanthi 2-1 AEK.

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Simply atrocious simply laughable performance by aek just when things were lookung up with the nionios and oly game aek have crawled back into ther bubble.

Unbeleivable what demis and

donis were thinking when puting this club together made me seriously sick to my stomach watching xhanti all over us, how we are in 4th place is beyond me.

We got gifted a goal from a phantom penalty we looked good for 15 min then XOMA!!!!! SO DISSAPOINTED IN SCOCCO I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS YOUNG MAN GOOD SKILLS BUT LACKS AN EYE FOR GOAL.

Oute ena kypello na boroume na paroume na xortasi o kosmos re mana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This club would not even be able to win the b katigoria in greece

Hopefully the return will fair better 1-0 will do just fine.

Off topic but also dissapointed in some of bonehead fans at the b-ball game with a heafty fine and fans beeing barred from home games a shame aek basket is in the dumps :tdown:

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It was a penalty. A sure penalty.

For those who played once football or still play... I don't mean in the school yards.

The Greek Media is dirty, unobjective and mostly clueless what Football rules belongs. The "experts" see thinks like they fits them to their emotions (own club interests).

Not to talk about those, who write in the forums.

Best example was the "famous non-offside" for Hraklis in the game against us a couple of weeks ago...where the 90% of the Greek Media Experts (TV, Radio, Websites and Press) saw it as a 100% legal Goal and not offiside [still 2-3 days later...] even most of AEKtzides said it was goal...although from the first second (without slowmotion) was a clear offside as per FIFA rules.

The penalty

The penalty happens in the 16th second of the above video.

The Xanthi player pushes Edinho in the back when his feet leave "the earth".

Those ,who played football know, that at this moment happens, when you are pushed in the end of your back ...when leaving the "earth"...you lose the balance.

So, a Xanthi player took Edinho the chance to score with a header with a foul in the 16 meter area . And FIFA rules say: Pushing with hands the adversary is foul.

Foul in the 16 meter area is PENALTY. No Phantom. Only TV speaker, who has not a clue.

Now to the Body Language.

- Where does (point of jump) Edinho try to jump for the header

- Where does Edinho fall

- Why does the Xanthi player pull its hands up (This is always a clear sign..that the player feels guilty) The referee has not whistled yet (so why the sign with the hands (pulling them up)

- Now the referee whistles...the Xanthi player looks back...because he whistled

The refeere saw it correct.

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It s allright.

I d like the Aekzides to see the truth... they are enough brainwashed by the Greek Media, who spraying around the LIE.

They (The Greek Media) want to make believe us ...that we are favoured by the Koraks

If you are telling the LIE often enough, so you even believe your self in it.

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