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What is going to be the result  

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  1. 1. What is going to be the result

    • Olympiakos win
    • Draw
    • Benfica win

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wat are u talking about im not a benfica fan im just saying the lack of respect you have for olympaicos today. yes benfica are not that good but olympiacos is playing superbly beginnign of second half

lack of respect because i said Benfica blows.....

Well, they do.

5-1 is a great game no matter who you are playing, but I am going to hear how great Benfica is after this game, when in reality theyve been horse s%$#! and didnt make the CL for a very good reason...

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suazo is good, a favourite player of mine but he cant get anything done with Benfica this year...

Reyes, I have no idea what happened.

Katsouranis, we know how great he is when we watch the ethniki..

Gomes is always a respectbale player despite his age...

well, the 3 points are as good as taken for OSFP. I think Metalurg will be quite tough, but it wont matter if OSFP doesnt win, because they have Hertha at home an its likley OSFP would win there...

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Great result.

Like Drakos has said, Benfica blows this year, but Oly did the job and in style. It all comes down to a good ksekinisi. We were 2 up by the 18th minute and 4 - 1 up at the half.

We played like rubbish against Gala so hopefully there is some belief when we got to Ukraine and hopefully ensure qualifcation in that match rather than at home to Hertha.

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I heard we are up to 12th. I think they only got celtic. Pao should win their game and i hope we beat Metalurg we should be up to 12th.

i think we will definitley be passing Scotland.

Rangers were eliminated from Europe by Kaunas :D

and Celtic lost to Aalborg, and they will be out of Europe too. Greek teams will be playing (PAO is the only guaranteed to stay in Europe, though its heavy favourite for both teams to progress to the next rounds of their competition.

Point is were going to be playing more games and eventually winning more points this season to overpass them, while they having been all eliminated wont be able to keep up until next year when they have a chance again.

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If Pao beats ano and oly wins one more game.... we get 500 points..and be 2oo points away from scotland...

HOWEVER, let us not forget that if pao progress to the 16, we get 1 full coefficient point which translates to .250 points for greece which means we pass scotland...

You are welcome...

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I just watched the first half right now on replay on GOL TV and i must say, i expected it to be a much more dominant performance from oly. I was expecting utter destroying. They had 4 shots and four goals. and one other chance. Not to take anything away from the win of course...

OUTSTANDING WIN. UNBELIEVABLE WIN. AMAZING FOR YOU GUYS AND FOR GREECE IN GENERAL. but the way my papou made it sound, i was expecting only one team on the pitch. Benfica had two great chances, a goal and an iffy goal called back...

I wish Oly was in the cl this year. Woulda been nice to see TWO GREEK teams in the 16.

oh well.. Maybe next year??

P.S. I thought it was nice that during the GOLTV broadcast of the oly game, the announcers mentioned PAOS win against Inter 3 times...

Felt good

Congrats again

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The last two victories by Greek teams show me that we were totally unprepared for the European competitions: we are much better than those early qualifiers that embarassed us all.

I hope the management of the top clubs take notice and start preparations much earlier next year.

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So glad Katsouranis avoided embarrassment.

He didn't play then?

I wasn't able to see the game yesterday, will see the first hour now :)!

Btw is it true that OSFP's first goal in this game is also the fastest goal to ever have been scored in the UEFA Cup?

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