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It has been discovered that the Italian consulate is apparently giving fake italian passports to Argentine soccer players in Argentina that want to move to italy and not take up a foreign spot...

The reported price is 34 grand a pop...

Is this sickening or what. People say greece is corrupt but with all this news around italy (Juventus/Milan scandal, Constant biased refereeing in their favor even present in todays u-19 match) should Italy be allowed to participate at their current capacity in international play? I think that after having a rigged league for the last few years the amount of teams in the CL that are italian should be reduced to 1 if any.. Same for UEFA cup. How can you participate in a proved rigged league and then say your deservingly finished in a top spot and should be in Europe.

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FIFA wouldnt have the balls, do anything to italy in terms, of european representation or international.

the simple fact is, the italian league, and italian team/s are money makers, unlike the greek league/greek teams.

Its not wise financially for fifa to punish them, cause then they miss out on a peice of the pie as well.

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Guest TheLegend

Exactly which shows why the whole soccer system is F***ed up and if people think Greece is corrupt its probably one of the most impresively un corrupt leagues considering greeks are greedy :) lol

Anyways... Their NT also has the referees favoring them and its bothering me.. Not because refs dont make mistakes..but how is it CONSTANTLY always italy benifiting SEVERELY from the mens team to the u-19 team.

Italy won the world cup because of the one painfully obvious dives... It was so fake and the referee was right there but he awards 10 man italy a penalty in the 90th minute after they were being outplayed half the game...

Next... Italy Vs scotland. Italy qualify for Euro08 with a win.. 90th minute an italian player jumps on a scotish player and then flies backwards on his own makin it look like he got hit again painfully obvious dive and the ref calls it.

Next...Italy u-19 bs our u-19... a referee PLAYS ON after a linesman flags for offisdes and awards a penalty instead. Once the flag is off its over no foul can be awarded 10 seconds later....

Ridiculous....After refeeress watch this games dont they say to themselves "I got be more carefuly refereeeing Italy... Be alot more stricter on the DIRTY AS F*** fouls they commit and whenever an italian player is on the floor I wont ALWAYS CALL A FOUL"...

Wouldnt they think something like that... but NOOO..

Spain vs Italy even the English commentators who praise italy as the World Champions (Fluke/luck/cheated title) said that the italian players knew that every time they fell the ref would stop play so they stoped spains lethal counter attacks by fallin on the ground crying like the litle pornes they are...Thankfully Spain won that game cuz the ref and italy were just in F***in sync with each other... Telepathic or something but the italian player would fall alone and ref would blow the whistle...

In ET in that game spain was on a huge counter must have been 6 spanish players against 4-5 italians and then toni (was it toni??) falls down grabs his ankle out of nowhere not even on the screen and the ref BLOWS THE WHISTLE!! I support fair play but its an UNOFFICIAL RULE and the ref cant blow... I also support not kicking the ball out when you know the player is faking it and has been diving and faking injuries to stop your team from attacking the whole game...

It sickens me....

I have this hate for Italy but im gona get together with an italian girl who follows soccer...someone pass me a gun if Italy ever F***in wins a thing again... so I can shoot myself..

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UEFA's flirt with Italy goes back many years...

This is before the time of many of you but once, in a European competition, an Italian club (Inter?) lost 7-1 to a German team in the 2nd leg of that competition. A few Italian supporters were so disgusted with their team, they threw objects onto the pitch. Guess what? UEFA decided that the German hosts lost control of the crowd and invalidated the 7-1 result! The teams were ordered to play again, in a neutral venue, and Inter went through after a 0-0 result!

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