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OK, OK, if nobody else will do it, I'll create a league!

It's called Phantis Euro 2008 and the password is: 82606-16506

WAIT!!! Uefa.com have changed everything and I had to start from the beginning!

The password is: 2179-674

All are welcome! :)

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I thought evra would have got the start over abidal? I had abidal in my team before the tournament started but then I traded him for evra the last day. Abidal got a solid 6 points and evra got 0. My captain Toni, also had a bad game. Im still in first though so its all good :D

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all people to make big moves had Ronaldo as their captain....

I managed to stay in top 3 having Ronaldo, and Arda Turan :tup:

Itll be Germany's turn, and Klose scoring and a german win should give me 1st!

I assume the leader is fcportoultra - but who is the other portuguese in 2nd????

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thanks for playing fellas :P


# Team Manager Matchday Total

1 bertes fc tony b 42 290

2 GRIGORIS FC Greg Papadopoulos 21 255

3 Hellas Troopers ioannis chatzimanolis 37 255

4 Albistars Albert Krasny 40 253

5 Iron Knights Cutberto Paredes 53 249

6 Greece, again John Gurlides 41 237

7 Paxiotis Peter Axiotis 31 213

8 Grandmasters Elias H 20 169

9 prosi Nuno Duarte 6 164

10 Blackhawk Christos R. 9 141

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