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OK, can't pass this forum with no having a topic about one of my idols/heroes in football and this is the article that I wrote myself last year I guess:

He started his football career at Malaga B team from his hometown, where he was a local boy developing quite rapidly speaking of his football, not the tallest guy that time, nor with some weight that could promise him coping with some big defenders. It's not a big secret that, he grew up a few centimeters and, meanwhile or better to say after he moved in to Marseille, also got a few kilograms on his body weight account.

In 2004 he found himself playing for a big club- one of the French best for sure. In his first full season (2004/2005, also to say that he joined Marseille in the winter 2004), that was the best for him, he net 5 goals and was a regular starter, one of the best Marseille players in that year, can be said. Next half-season, before some problems started gathering on his football account- mainly injuries and lost confidence, he had 9 caps and scored a single goal.

In January 2006 Koke was very close to sign with one of the biggest world's football power-houses Juventus (as he was one of Cappello's wishes), but since Juventus had been full of attackers and attacking minded players, Siena started to show some interest in negotiating with their very well-connected and cooperating bigger "Bianconeri" club, where he would go on loan to (the same time Juventus were also about to sign Sagnol from Bayern), but he rejected it since he hadn't been satisfied with that decision (because Marseille was better and more famous club, ofcourse, than Siena).

At the same time, Marseille grabbed Maoulida from Monaco, a very good striker who also played for Montpellier earlier, also Pagis came from Strasbourg- a very skillful attacking all-round man with good shooting... Koke gradually was losing his place once he had (especially in the season when he scored 5 and played some games as an offensive midfielder too...), then was loaned out to one of the "Portuguese big 3" clubs Sporting Lisbon where he played a half of year- from January untill June 2006 (still many Sporting fans can remember his accurate diagonal ground shot/goal against Gil Vicente).

The summer 2006 when Marseille got Cisse on loan, Maoulida was bought too, and some more promising players...it's worthy to mantion that Franck Ribery became a real true star (especially after the last world cup) and got all the freedom a true star can get and enjoy in a club like Marseille (team that won an Euro title)- it was obvious that for a young Spanish player Koke there was no place to stay and fight for it in his team...(also to mantion that he got on quite well with Samir Nasri- a young French international and one of the biggest French and world's talents).

Sometimes (not that many fortunately, he had some injury problems), there were some moments when he struggled to adapt a bit and along with his , sometimes, little "nasty" temper all made him loose some of his confidence and the coach's patience...but noone can take his talent away from him and the fact that he always always gives his much on the pitch and saves no energy in order to take the ball, run with it and shoot which is his strongest gun he posesses that makes him so good and so special.

A former Malaga, Marseille (also on loan to Sp. Lisbon) young player signed firstly a 3 year contract with yellow Thesaloniki club (then an extension of 2 more years, untill 2011). At those moments he became the 5th Spaniard signing that year (2006) who Mr. Hoyos indirectly, but specifically Mr. Manel Ferrer, made come to Thessaloniki... All credits to four of them (who joined Aris even before Koke) and all other players that were part of the "Spanish Armada" and the new Spanish revolution taking place in Aris starting from 2006, but this last one (Koke) shines like noone before him...

The Young man was still 22 when joined the club. Anyone who followed the European football, especially top 5 leagues knew something about this guy who scored some goals in his couple-of-seasons career in Marseille, some of them very important in the league, most of them classic with great finishing skills...He can play whatever attacking position his coach makes him play- as RW, RF (even LF) or ST (which he covers in Aris)...A good mover (with the ball), quite quick, with good control, very good anticipation and finally the perfectly accurate shot...

If everything comes OK for him like it started, Greece definitely got a true star and a great scorer for his club Aris (29 caps, 9 goals) and the league at the same time. Also known for his special "concord" goal celebration! His agent is Manel Ferrer- a special colaborator for the club as well. Considered as the biggest star of the team and leader of the new Aris generation aiming for successes in Greece and even Europe...

He is one of the first people who comes to say "welcome" to his new team-mates, one who visits the important Aris basketball-team matches, events...one who is a fans' favourite and adored by all the Aris world, one who speaks the positive, a friendly guy, respected by all in and many outside of Thessaloniki (Greece, France, Spain..), respected by his team-mates, even rivals, a two-goal scorer (in a match) against the biggest club of Greece- the champions from Piraeus Olympiakos, praised by the greatest Aris stars and heroes (from the past), by each one who ever watched him that likes an attacking football and beauty of this football game...

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Great little article, I really enjoy reading your stuff.

I think Koke is a brilliant player, if he was at a team like Oly he would be more prolific and then people might give him the praise he deserves. He's a player with a touch of class, and his goal against Ira underlined that. Truly the sort of player the Greek league should have to build it's level and I hope he stays with Aris for the duration of his career.

How old is he now Rey?

And really interesting about the bball games too, i had no idea he goes to the Aris games. He must have really fallen in love with the club.

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He will turn 25 on 27/04.

Posted Image

And yes he is a real fans' favourite. I haven't been to Thes/niki while he is with our club, but I can assure you that he is a kind of cult in the city for Aris fans. :tup:

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Some/chosen Koke compilations (the best ones that I have seen or at least the most that I like):

Koke last season:

Koke's total goals in Aris (last 2 I think excluded)

:nw: :nw:

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He also used to play behind 2 strikers in Marseille in some, if not most cases, and Marseille played some nice football with Koke, Marlet and Luyindula. But we should ask Bajević if he shares the same opinion..

I believe that for the beginning, at least for the beginning and especially if Duško with Labro and Kontis brings a solid dekari (replacement of Ivić), that he will play that guy behind Koke and his new partner in the attack which, as rumors show, could be some difference maker (and Papazoglou as a bencher). But the next season is long and we are in 3 compets and we will have some rotations, so Papazoglou will also absolutely have his time to shine!

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