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Sport is all about fair play. But for some athletes it is more about winning at all costs, even if it means using prohibited substances to improve their sporting performance. For many of these athletes, anabolic steroids, a class of steroid hormones related to the hormone testosterone, are the drug of choice. However, tests for testosterone doping may sometimes be inaccurate on account of genetic variations, a new study headed by the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden has revealed.

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8 hours ago, Molon Lave said:

Why is this being mentioned right now? Why not take care of this issue like 5 years ago?

WADA has the right to check old samples up to 10 years. Now we can see things we couldn't in 2008. Therefore they are checking all the samples to look for (possible) frauds.

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Yes. It is a shame. And a slap in the face. But we get used to it. 

One can only hope that one day there will be a doping-free world. 

I just feel sad for the man or woman without doping in second place or just outside the medals hearing the national anthem of the fraud and missing all the bonusses the frauds "earned".

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IOC revealed new frauds of the Beijing and London games.


Weightlifters Soslan Tigiev, Olha Korobka, Andrei Ribakou (all silver) and Nastassia Novikava (bronze) were busted. Also wrestler Taimoeraz Tigijev from Kazachstan (silver) and Belarus Ekaterina Volkova (bronze at 3000 meter steeple chase) lost their medals.

Spanish Josephine Nnkiruka Onyia (hurdles), Cuban longjumper Wilfredo Martinez and weightlifter Sardar Hasanov from Azerbeidzjan (all without a medal though) were busted after retesting the samples from 2008.


Kazach weightlifters Zulfiya Chinshanlo (- 53 kilo), Maiya Maneza (- 63 kilo) en Svetlana Podobedova (- 75 kilo) were skipped as winners of gold.

Kirill Ikonnikov (hammer), Dzina Sazanavets (weightlifting), Marina Shkermankova (weightlifting), Dmitry Starodubtsev (pole vault) en Yauheni Zharnasek (weightlifting) saw their results wiped out of the list. 

How many to be unmasked????

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Also, don't forget to mention Tatyana Lysenko from women's hammer throw  from the London game. 2-time World Record breaker Anita Wlodarczyk was awarded gold and is officially a 2-time Olympic Champion. Mind you this is not the first time she violated doping policy. 

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IOC took the golden medal of team Jamaica for the 4x100 m. relay and two silver medals of Russia's Tatiana Lebedeva on longjump and triple jump of Beijing 2008.

Usain Bolt loses his (co-)record nine golden Olympic medals because Nesta Carter used methylhexanamine. 

Once again frauds were busted after retesting of old samples.

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12 Russians are suspended by CAS.

The 12 have 3 weeks to appeal. If they do not al their results of three years will be wiped out.

Ukhov (gold), Shkolina (bronze) lose Olympic medals. Lysenko lost her Olympic golden medal of 2012 already. Her suspension is increased from 4 to 8 years.

The suspended athletes are:

Ivan Ukhov (high jump) 4 years suspended from 2019

Svetlana Shkolina (high jump) 4 y from 2019

Tatyana Firova (400 meters) 4 y from 2016

Lyukman Adams (triple jump) 4 y from 2019

Anna Bulgakova (hammer ) 4 y from 2017

Gulfiya Agafonova-Khanafeeva (hammer) 8 y from 2017

Mariya Bespalova (hammer) already suspended from 2015

Tatyana Lysenko Beloborodva (hammer) 8 y from 2016

Vera Ganeeva (discus) 2 y from 2018

Yekaterina Galitskaia (100 meters hurdles) 4 y from 2019

Yuliya Kondakova (100 meters hurdles) 4 y from 2019

Ivan Yushkov (shot put) 4 y from 2016

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