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Hi guy's I would like to know how much of the money that Tziger is getting for 40% less 1 share so that he will have 50 plus 1 share so that he would still have the final say. How much of that will he invest in the team for player's or is it really going to go to building the Stadium as I heard the guy who wants to buy in say's he wants changes to the stadium so that it will fit 50,000. Will they buy the players that we need to be a power at least in Greece and also make it to the finals of the uefa cup I wont say Champions league but that should be the goal always. We got knocked out of the uefa cup this year by Rangers and they are now in the finals. We lost on the away goals rule so that could have gone ether way. So as I see it yes we do need to get better in some spots but not break up the whole team and start over again because by the time they gel together it would be another lost title to Oly. Right now we don't get 15,000 fans to our home games. The new Stadium will atract some fans to come and see it but not for ever. Our team better be on the up when they move in because if he uses the money from the sale of shares for player's we should and better have the best team in Greece and be a force in at least the uefa cup if we can't go all the way in the Champions league. Greek soccer does need a trophie from Europe and the only team to ever come even close to doing it is PAO and hopefully we will have some great day's to come. I HOPE :gr: :gr: :gr:

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I heard this morning on ERA sport that the increase in shares is slated to be so huge, Tzigger has to put an extra 14 million in the pool just to maintain 50% :o

No one knows details yet, and the people with the checkbooks just sit tight until they learn the final scoop. The idea sounds promising, and if the influx of money is invested wisely the club is bound to enter a new era.

Although most fans will want to spend most of the money on transfers (and there will be enough for that), I think investing most of the capital in places that will keep PAO financially independent for the next decade or so. I think most of the money will go to investments in and around the stadium.

We'll wait and see though. So far it sounds exciting. Fans will return to see the team in a new stadium.

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Guest TheLegend

I dont see how ivansitz hasnt been paid for yet. It makes no sense to me. Even if it was 5m when your best player is up for grabs you buy him..

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Speaking of ships.... Unless the captain is sober, all this ..oil will go to waste!

I think the best Tzigger and the rest of the people who have more money than they know what to do with it, should make sure the team is self-sufficient, operates professionally, and is PROTECTED (overturn Kokkalistan!).

The rest should be left to competent managers. I don't want men who want to play with my team just because they have money. They should learn from the Gianakopoulos bros... hire the professionals and let them run things.

I'm tired of hearing of radical changes every few months :whistle: because of the POOR choices people in charge made!

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"H GATA" says that pao wants Aaron from Irakli!!!!

he is pretty good, but id rather have a older player starting over him..weve got some great youth but we need some experience to do the job too... but I wouldnt mind seeing what he can in a PAO jersey, only problem is he belongs to Valencia, and they might not sell him cheap if at all...
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welll i dont want to hate on Frankfurt, but their team is kind of a loser this year.

I doubt Kyrgiakos over and over, but hes all over the papers too, maybe theres some truth? I really hope so. This would be a massive signing.

And even better if we could get Amanatidis from Eintracht too....I think he could do fantastic at PAO, hes is really talented player, but we might not be able to lure him or afford him...wishful thinking

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I think more players might find PAO more attractive if they think the club has potential. The infusion of more $$ and with competent management can make things change. Better player would want to get a chance at PAO to win titles and have a good euro presence.

I don't think we're that far from being much better. That's why I don't want to see another overhaul. We need to work on the psychology and better internal culture. The team shouldn't be chocking, nor should be conceding late goals (a pattern lately).

Can you imagine if we had done what Rangers did this year?....

Anyway, I think we need to get 2-3 players for now. Also, I'm not in favor of 6-month loans if there's no reasonable chance we can buy out the player. Manucho comes to mind. He has helped but you can build a team with transfers like that!

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In the paper headlines Koiliaras was mentioned to be chased by PAO

I hope hes signed...would be very useful good young player, replace Eki's open CM spot, hes young and very talented...is quick creative but has scored some nice goals too...

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Nevermind on Kiliaras.... Panionios got him!

Looks like we lost him!

Another stupid stupid move by the turtles PAE......so slow to catch anything!

We let Cleyton go to AEL years ago (so stupid)

Lost out on Torosidis, Lagos, and now Rikka.... We have no young defenders except for Siontis... :whistle:

Only really smart league grabs we actually made recently were Spiro and Dimoutsos and Gkekas....

We never get the good talent in Greece and we pay for it year after year ! im sure well get another paixtara from "Europe" wholl play 2 games and then waste everybodys time slagging his "rear end" across the field for 2 years while his contract runs out...

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