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SL-R20 (2007-08): P.A.O.K. - Aris

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Next game: P.A.O.K - Aris

Where: Toumba

Date & Time: Sunday, 10-Feb-2008, 16:45 GR

TV coverage: Supersport 1, Antenna Satellite, Antenna Pacific

Very important game. Aris has a better team, but this is a derby and in front of sold out Toumba anything can happen.

Go PAOK!!!!

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Tough game,definatelly a super derby.Since the game is played in Toumba,i believe that anything can happen,since Paok fans can lift the spirit of their team but Aris has a good and fast team that wont be easy for Paok to break.I dont see many goals in this one.If i had to play Pro-Po i would put everything down 1-X-2.

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Tickets are selling fast for this game and there are still three days to go to the game. Going to be a sell out long before match day. With such a strong crowd behind the team and if they play as well as we did against OFI (but this time finish our chances) we should get a result here.

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Big game at Toumba. i dont have a fanatical connection to either team. it doesnt really matter to me who wins.

However, having watched these teams play, i say that Aris is classes above of paok at this very moment. It has been proven though, that Derbies have nothing to do with the teams and everything to do with pride and courage.

If Aris wins, they all but clinch fourth spot. And if PAOK loses, its gonna be the continuation of a LONG season. lets hope for a clean game with no happenings from the crowd.

PAOK should get a result here just because of the crowd. however, aris should win based solely on talent and form. very interesting match. Lets see.

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paok should received a red card in the 5th on a wicked tackle by georgiadis.

That's an understatement.

Horrible tackle. Kaabellas couldn't continue.

Georgiadis didn't even get a yellow!!!!

Nyway Chalkias is a horror. I can't believe he will be going to Euro.

I didn't see the 3rd goal, but watching the match live he was responsible for the 1st 2 goals. Balafas' header went under him like he didn't even see the ball. Pathetic!!!!

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