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Cup game:Olympiakos-Pao

Who will become the favorite to win the Greek CUP by winning this game?  

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  1. 1. Who will become the favorite to win the Greek CUP by winning this game?

    • DRAW and rematch leg

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actually, in another thread i said from september that this year is Aris turn to wint he cup. its all about the draw. and on a side note, that dude from Xanthi radzinsky apparently offered himself to oly but they said he wasnt good enough

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i dont know about a double.....the league is still open territory for us, and Im the biggest PAO pessimist on the threads! OSFP hasnt been doing great in the league, and AEK continues and PAO can stay even with OSFP it can come down to the wire..

as for Aris winning the cup.......I doubt that...Id see Xanthi winning it first, at least there current form is very good vs big teams....

BUT now that PAO is out.......A-ATROMITOS!!!

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:nw: NUNEZ your golara was the goal of the season :nw:

H PRASINH 8a grafei to ekshs: Mas pyran tois kilotes :LOL: :LOL:

kai to DERBY: Tyxeroi pou den fagame alla 4 gia 8-0 :LOL: :LOL:

kai h SPORTIME: Pali h kaluteroi pelates tou 8RYLOU :LOL: :LOL:

Goumas the @di can apologise all he wants to his fans because he is a [email protected]$a :box:

Shmera einai h giorth tou Olympiakou :P

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one thing is certain by comparing these two games...

olympiakos in a bad night gets a draw, while pao gets 4...

ok ok....besides this generalization which is meant to annoy my fellow pao fans, what really matters in the end is that we finally watched 2 great derbys with loads of goal opportunities and thanks to olympiakos many many goals than someone would expect...

the only thing I expect from our team now is to try and be more serious in the Greek superleague in order to finish of this joke...if the team wants to win then it should have no difficulty to win the matches...(this is no arrogance statement)

lets go from strength to strength now in order to be in the best possible form and morale against the matches with chelsea

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A great win for you guys. Oly played good. The game could have been diffrent if Salpi didn't miss that chance one one against Nikopolidis. But the bottom line is that Oly score 4 and PAO now are running to hide......

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And if u guys want to die laughing check this out: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:



As for the game... fantastically clinical! Lua Lua's goal will be goal of the season! AMAZING STRIKE! Nunez's goal was great too but Lua Lua's was different class. He had half a second to control and shoot... amazing execution.

The atmosphere was great too. I can see another double this year. PAO is way too inconsistent and AEK just don't have the fire power imo to last the marathon. Olympiakos for the league, and possibly the cup (although if we draw ARIS away it could be tough).

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Ok! Just going back to the game for a bit here, but did anyone notice around the 90th plus minute PAO had the ball (for about 3-7 pass...the most) and our fans were chanting OLE!?????



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