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Motherwell captain dies

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Motherwell's 35 year old captain Phil O'donnell died after collapsing towards the end of today's match against Dundee United. He fell to the ground as his number was held up to be substituted with only 10 minutes remaining and didn't regain consciousness. He also played for Celtic, Sheffield Wednesday and made one appearance for Scotland.

I was at the match which finished 5-3 for Motherwell, but in tragic circumstances like these the result is meaningless and puts our game in perspective.


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My sympathy to his family and the greater family of Motherwell!

I am not sure what else to say in a tragic time such as this... :(

What can one say? It's so sad. The mundane things we do in life and never lead us to stop & think that it could be our last. Such tragedy, poor guy and ti krima for his family, especially at a time of year like this. So sad! :(
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