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January 2008 Transfer Period

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bring on the savoura, any more hacks want to come to PAOK.

Think Zagorakis is making a big mistake with these players.

i think it's a good move - a risk to take..

paok is obviously not challenging for the title - but it's imperative they play in europe for next year. i just think this 'insurance policy' was a good move. not sure if g.x. georgiadis is rapidly 'losing it'. paok can't solely rely upon christodoulopoulos alone.

paok has a boat load of young talent that needs time - i understand this signing, as opposed to the puzzling moves and the money spent by piladakis & donis at larisa.

- now i heard the masmanidi signing fel lthrough...any info on this?

Paok won't be in Europe next year not the way we are playing. Conceicao is about as useful to PAOK as Rivaldo is to AEK. Might sell a couple of shirts that is probably about it. Perhaps even a goal or two against the likes of Veria.
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Europe is out of question and think the playoffs are as well now that we lost 4 straight games. PAOK's goal should have been making the playoffs in order to have 3 sold outs and needed cash.

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