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Uefa Champions League Draw

Who would you like Olympiakos to draw against?  

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  1. 1. Who would you like Olympiakos to draw against?

    • Porto
    • Chelsea
    • Sevilla
    • Internazionale
    • AC Milan
    • Manchester United
    • Barcelona

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Yes,We could have had Sevilla But its still good for us, I think that we can win, How did Fenerbahce win against Inter? I know that we can win this, I know it! :gr:

den thelo na sou xalaso to oneiro alla milame... gia Chelsea kai aggliko podosfairo!
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:gr: :gr: I am surprized with most fans preference of Chelsea for this draw, maybe because people hope that the Afrikan Nations Cup could give an edge to Oly.

To deviate from wild dreams, it will be a miracle if Oly goes through. It is a tough draw. On the other hand one can say that its Oly's biggest change with the Afrikan cup of nations looming. Indeed this is exactly what Oly should capitalize on, with some good new transfers and appropriate preparation.

My feeling is that Oly will bow out, but if they can add 3 points from the 2 games into Greece's pot, that would be more than satisfactory for me. You can't realistically hope for more, unless you are an unreasonable fan.

Obviously the newspapers and the media, for selling purposes, will say that it is possible, they will make their "analyses" etc, but the rock bottom is that Chelsea has overall better players than Oly and I think better coach, so they are the underdogs undoubtly, in this contest. Lets hope for a miracle from God, which is possible, if good transfers are made and if Lemonis understands Chelsea well ahead of these 2 games.

good luck

:gr: :gr: :gr:

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