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What teams you like outside from Greece!

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Well, this escalated quickly. I'd agree that CR7 is more complete. Messi might have slightly more talent, but Ronaldo is physically an absolute monster. And I don't even like him.


I would suggest that these posts get broken out and put into a new Messi vs Ronaldo topic.

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Pana did you not see few weeks back when Bale scored and Ronaldo was on the floor hugging him? Don't buy into the media crap each time when they put him down.


As for his move to Madrid it was always going to happen, United just delayed it for a season so he could win the CL with them.


And being a complete player has nothing to do with being selfish, seriously Pana you come up with some rippers. So you telling me Zlatan is not complete because of the way he acts off the field? Ela re give credit where its due, CR7 has broken too many records in his playing time to not be given credit.


He sits in the box and waits for the ball? Pana man seriously you obviously don't watch many Madrid games as he doesn't do that at all and yesterday you called him a poacher, another vlakia comment, a poacher is someone like Inzaghi or Chicharito.


Was his goal vs Roma in CL last week a poachers goal was it?


And so what if he scores 5 against a small team in La Liga, hasn't Messi done the same thing?

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Aw come on guys, can't we just appreciate these two GREAT players who we are very lucky to be able to watch week in week out. I would say that Messi is slightly better, but if you asked me a couple of years ago, I'd have said Ronaldo. Not that this really matters right now, Suarez had been the difference between Barca and Real (or any other team in Europe) since he signed.


They are both extremely gifted technically and as athletes. And I should say that Ronaldo does not have a bad attitude, he has a top work ethic and keeps himself in supreme shape. Yes he is arrogant, but that doesn't really matter on the pitch, you mainly just notice it in interviews and his appearance. Being an arrogant, vein prick seems to have served him well in life up until now anyway.

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GREECE: AEK (and all other greek teams when playing at european competitions)

CANADA: Montreal Impact

BRAZIL: Santa Cruz

FRANCE: PSG (I just started with PSG, simply cause they have an amazing team and I want to see how they will perform from now on... on the way to buy an yellow PSG jersey)

National teams: Brazil, Greece and Canada

And that's all, folks.

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On 11/16/2016 at 9:44 AM, Molon Lave said:

Nice topic

For National Teams : Netherlands, United States 

For Clubs : Barcelona, AC Milan, Liverpool, and Ajax 

Sad for you, man, you're out of world cup with your NTs.

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As a kid, I really was a big fan of Alan Smith and as a result Leeds for a while.


Afterwards, I followed Inter, because my fave player was Baggio at the time.

After that, it was Chelsea because when I saw Porto spank Man U in the Champions League, Mourinhio just blew my mind, and I thought he was some type of Ubermensch.



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