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Olympiakos - Werder Bremen

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possible teams for oly are Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Sevilla, Inter Milan, AC Milan or FC Porto

The beatable teams are Porto, Sevilla, and AC Milan imo. We definitely do not want Barca, Man Utd or Arsenal.
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Okey,Im extremly happy right now, Now for the draws, I dont really think that we should care, I mean how could Rosenborg play 1-1 against Chelsea? And Chelsea also played at home so why could not we win?

Eimaste megali omada!!!!

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An anderlect loss and any greek win next week moves us up to 14th!!!!!!!

slavia prague going to uefa and mlada is out so we can move up to 13th

# country 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08 rank08 nt08

1 Spain 14.312 12.437 15.642 19.000 9.125 70.516 6/ 8

2 England 11.250 15.571 14.428 16.625 10.000 67.874 7/ 8

3 Italy 8.875 14.000 15.357 11.928 7.000 57.160 4/ 8

4 France 13.500 11.428 10.812 10.000 4.928 50.668 5/ 7

5 Germany 4.714 10.571 10.437 9.500 7.785 43.007 7/ 7

6 Romania 4.333 5.500 16.833 11.333 2.600 40.599 1/ 5

7 Russia 5.875 10.000 10.000 6.625 7.250 39.750 3/ 4

8 Portugal 10.250 8.166 5.500 8.083 5.357 37.356 4/ 7

9 Netherlands 5.416 12.000 7.583 8.214 3.666 36.879 2/ 6

10 Ukraine 4.875 8.100 5.750 6.500 4.875 30.100 1/ 4

11 Scotland 7.375 4.750 4.250 6.750 6.500 29.625 3/ 4

12 Turkey 6.500 5.375 4.000 6.100 7.250 29.225 2/ 4

13 Czech Republic 7.375 2.875 4.625 5.750 4.875 25.500 2/ 4

14 Belgium 5.875 6.125 5.500 4.700 3.250 25.450 1/ 4

15 Greece 4.166 6.166 3.333 4.666 6.833 25.164 6/ 6

16 Switzerland 1.875 2.625 9.375 4.100 5.750 23.725 2/ 4

17 Bulgaria 4.166 2.375 8.750 5.125 2.750 23.166 4

18 Norway 6.125 3.500 5.400 2.000 5.400 22.425 2/ 5

19 Denmark 4.200 1.500 3.500 6.125 4.625 19.950 2/ 4

20 Austria 2.125 7.625 3.250 1.500 3.000 17.500 1/ 5

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:gr: :gr: :gr:



EVERYONE WAS!! lua lua, kova, galletti, pantos, zewlakow, antzas, toro, LEDESMA!, mendrinos and Niko!

I cant belive it! At the begging of the year everyone thought wed be garabage, with lemonis and out hole nnew "crappy" team. Lemonis just silenced all his critics. How many of you thought this would be the year? No ribo no castillo? who needs them? I rememeber the day of the draw I was very pissed off. Who thought we score 3 in our first away game, beat bremen and end the curse? Who thought wed beat bremen 6-1 in aggreagate! Honestly, I would dream for this a few monthes ago... im so proud!!


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Big night for Olympiakos and Stoltidis, big year for Lemonis.

At that stage the draw doesn't make a big difference - I would prefer Milan though.

agree... i think milan is the most overrated team in the world. Other than Kaka and pirlo, i dont see too much in that team. I know they have alot of talent but there all old and slow. Players like seedorf and nesta are not the same as they used to be. Inzagi is a good goal scorer but we can take them
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re can somebody answer me.. pro 2008 got werder bremem??? i wanna fix the team... :LOL:

couldnt tell u.. there in fifa 08 though... i fixed em up last night before the big game. it was a 3-0 game :P
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Excellent stuff!

This is where the club (Whomever is the champion of Greece) deserves to be. Round of 16 in the Champions League, not UEFA Cup!

Now I hope we can start to claw our way back to the 6th position of the UEFA coefficient! Romania - you have whats ours!

Anyway, Did we play well? I am please for the final score, but results are deceptive.

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paidia ok nikisate, pigate stous 16... alla mas ta exoun priksei pia... theloume na doume kai ta alla goal tou champions league... stous 16 pigate oxi ston teliko... eleos pia!!!!!

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oh come on, this just happens once every decade ;)

such a nice evening. stoltidis was amazing tonight. we were discussing with a friend, how would it be if darko, stoltidis, djole, nikopolidis and antzas would be 5-10 years younger *dreaming*

bravo paidia.


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i just hate the german speaking area. all the newspapers are talking about a not deserved victory of our team. :box:

bild.de is even stating that the germans have been bullied since they reached greece because of the strike thats going to take place tomorrow.

at the moment they don't even know if they'll be able to return to germany tonight... :LOL:

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Also with all the injuries, NO fans vs koloitalous + offside goal,send offs,penalties,dissalowed goals e.t.c e.t.c this team has shown a lot of character and fighting spirit AND doesn't compare to any other Olympiakos teams in the past decade :tup: :gr:

World class players like Galleti,Kovacevic,Lua Lua and Ladesma make all the difference when the game is there for the taking :tup:

Also a big thanks to Lemonis (i was one of his critics :P ) who has introduced some young Greek talent into the squad :nw:

As far as the draw goes it doesn't matter because whoever we get will have pressure as Olympiakos will have nothing to loose and everything to gain :gr:

If we get Delgado and the Polish winger we will be even more dangerous on the counter attacks so whoever comes to KARAISKAKI bring your earmuffs :LOL: ....

I love Olympiakos with a passion so all the Anfield demons have been erased :1eye:


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Fantastic win!!

This is just one of those moments! Great to see Olympiakos finally through! I was a bit nervous throughout the game but Darko's goal sealed it!

It's time to celebrate! The club and the fans deserve this!


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I hope it doesn't stop here, at the 16 stage, but nevertheless, this was a great night for gavroi. Let them enjoy this. I think they deserved to win this game--OK, not a great playing game, but there were 2 teams on the pitch and the better one won. And, they deserved to advance judging from the games they played in this stage.

When is the draw for the 8 double games?

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