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Olympiakos - Werder Bremen

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I liked the smile that Lemonis had while Kova was coming out.I have a question,will Kokkalis call Lemoni and give him a contract expansion??? ;)

come on crazy this is the greek league...OLY will lose a game the papers will crucify lemoni and kokkalis will get rid of him.

But seriously....Greece is becoming a country to reckon with...the NT and the league teams. Bravo!!!

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3 eukairies ta gaurakia.. 3 goal.. auto einai to podosfairo paidia... xreiazese kai tixi!!

kai omos for first time in my life ill say.. bravo sta gaurakia!! ;)

I have a feeling it won't be the last. PAO's monopoly of European success for Greek clubs is being contested. I'm not a Gavro, but I am beside myself today. I'm so proud of these guys. Their fans deserve this above all else. ANd Lemonis who takes criticism for everything he does.
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PAIXTARAES MOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F*** SEX, THIS IS THE WORLD'S BEST ORGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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me gam!53 h chelsea.. tah eperna 600 kai liga lefta.

telos panton pira.. 80 not too bad

80??? give me 40 bro.. lol
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