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Olympiakos - Werder Bremen

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xwris kalh mpala pirate thn prokrish. Felicitation from canada. now lets hope chelsea wins

giati re niko;

OSFP took advantage of their chances all round long. They walloped Werder away, should have taken Real at Bernabeu with a man down. OSFP deserves it more than any other team, Real included (the Ispanioloi were inconsistent game to game).

Gera Gavroi!!!!!!!

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3 eukairies ta gaurakia.. 3 goal.. auto einai to podosfairo paidia... xreiazese kai tixi!!

kai omos for first time in my life ill say.. bravo sta gaurakia!! ;)

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oxi re.. gia shmera milaw. oxi gia tous omilous.

Gotcha. Still, these are the toughest games for a side like Oly to play, against absolutely desperate opposition. Werder played hungry with no real coordination, and lots of help from the officials...to no avail.
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