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Who will win the SUPERBOWL!?

Who will win the SUPERBOWL!!???  

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  1. 1. Who will win the SUPERBOWL!!???

    • Indianapolis Colts
    • New England Patriots
    • Dallas Cowboys
    • New Orleans Saints
    • OTHER

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what is the superbowl???

Superbowl is the final game that the 2 best teams in the NFL(National Football League) play to decide who will be the champion of the year.Something like Champions league final but USA style and sport.
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i was kind of taking the piss though, i figured it was somthing to do with "football" in the states.

It is not bad for a sport but it can not be compared with your Rugby downthere.I watched a game long time ago(rugby) from some NZ or Australian teams playing,OMG that was hurtfull.My bigest respect for those guys,no pats,no protection and some vicious playes.
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  • 2 months later...

More Spygate allegations involving the Pats SB win over the Rams.

Belichick should audition ad superspy James Bond.

Bond: "I like my martinis shaken, not stirred"

Belichick: "I like my Super Bowl trophies tainted, not earned"

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No-one is going to stop them in the post season.


All of you who hate us New Yorkers and hate the Giants and New York teams can all shut the hell up!!!! GIANTS are the champs and allowed 81 yards and 14 points against the greatest offense ever. Giants score on their last drive which seemed impossible. Giants had greater time of possession. Giants with 11 straight road wins (they were the road team). Pats last 2 losses at the hands of the Mannings. Last 2 SB MVP's have been the Manning bros.

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Yes!!!!! Maybe there is a God after all!.... Justice is done. The Patriots - an above average team, but light years away from being the best team ever - gets their asses whooped by the NY Giants.

CONGRATULATIONS Giants!!!! Well deserved victory!!!

You are the NFL champions!

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The New England Cheaters get what they deserve... a loss at the very end of the season. :tup: Who knows how many of those super bowls were won by cheating (maybe all 3?).

I can't stand that ma*^(ka Belichek. Who the hell does he think he is walking off the field before the game is over. The guy cheats, and when he doesn't win it all, he's all sour grapes. Let him go to the locker room a loser wearing that cheap hooded sweater of his, looks like something out of a 1980's aerobics workout tape.

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Thr last game of the preseason, regular season, and postseason for the Pats and Giants were against each other. The asterisk should stand for being the only 18-1 team to never win a Super Bowl. Will Pats fans buy the 19-0 book that was ready to be released after the Super Bowl? Has the Pats bandwagon shrunk severely? Where are the Pats fans? Boston got a nice slap from New York

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Guest TheLegend

Of course. Everything is a bandwagon especially the Italian NT "fans" in NY

amazing how all these italian soccer fans act like they know the sport after the WC. They talk about italy but when you tell them italy cheated they say "uhhhhh,uhhhh...uhhhh...ummmm....uhhhh.....ummmmm....gota go"

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