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He scored an open net goal. But the other chances he had were terrible. Lua Lua has speed and nothing else....typical African play(and I don't mean that in a racist way).

He works very hard too and wins the ball in dangerous positions. Personally I like him alot.
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"they're all so passionate. Oly are a big club. I didn't realise how big until I went out there and experienced it. Unbelievable! " thats what he thinks of the fans

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Guest TheLegend

Its hard to get comments in even on matchday chat. I did get 4 comments in today. I was under Olympiacos! there were 2 other fans as well. Thyra7! and some other guy

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Moderator: Welcome to Talk Football Expert Chat!

Moderator: Olympiacos CFP striker Lomana LuaLua will be joining the chatroom in a few minutes. Send us your questions now and we will ask him as many as possible.

tsoutseki13: Do you think Olympiacos can beat Chelsea and proceed to the last 8

Lomana LuaLua: I believe anything's possible at the end of the day. We don't have anything to lose. We played really well at home. They didn't score which was a good thing. Obviously they want to win this We've just got to be patient and try to go with the game plan. Again, anything's possible. Football's not mathematics. In the first leg people thought Chelsea would beat us easily.

tsoutseki13: I hope you will recover soon.Who you think will take the greek superleague?

Lomana LuaLua: I would love to see us win it. We've still got a chance. It's very tight at the top - we're just a point behind Panathinaikos. We did let ourselves down in a few games when we should have taken three points and we took a point. I still believe we've got a great chance.

anna maria: lomana i am so sorry about you being injured. as an olympiakos fan i wish you a full recovery as soon as possible. how do you feel about not being able to reinforce our team tomorrow?

Lomana LuaLua: I'm really really really gutted and down. Obviously as a footballer you always want to play against the best. I'm really gutted. Especially as I come from London. To play this game would have meant a lot to me. Not just me but all of us. Words can't express how I feel. Not just this game but to miss quite a lot of games. Thanks for your good wishes!

chris: what are the main differences between playing in england and playing in greece?

Lomana LuaLua: Obviously the Greek league is a league that is trying to progress, to get to the same level as the English league. In England it's more physical. It's not as slow or as bad as people might think though. It's not shown all the time in England. In England you see the Spanish or Italian leagues. But it's competitive. The Greek teams are doing really well in Europe. The Prem is obviously more physical but the Greek League is more technical.

tomas: pelé or maradona?

Lomana LuaLua: I don't know! That's a tough one. Two different players. Love both of them. It's hard! My dad was a footballer and he used to love Pelé so I've grown up watching him. I've picked up little things from watching Pelé. But I picked up things from Maradona too. As a modern player I'd have to say Maradona, but Pele was the king!

tsoutseki13: When you were a child who was the football idol for you?

Lomana LuaLua: My dad really! I had two older sisters and I was the first boy out of six. I spent a lot of time with my dad. I used to carry his bag and boots when he used to go to play football. But my great hero was Ronaldo. He's a phenomenon; I try to play like him. I have watched a lot of videos of him playing.

eyeq: how is it to live in Athens?

Lomana LuaLua: I love it! I'm from the Congo. I've travelled around a bit and Athens is the closest thing to my country. Athens is beautiful. The weather is very nice, the people are friendly. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm very laid back and it suits me! I don't regret moving - my football is progressing. Of course I miss friends and the Prem but I dont' have one regret.

tsoutseki13: What was the worst moment of your career?

Lomana LuaLua: When I lost my little boy. People talk football first as if it's a life. It's a job I love doing and I thank God I'm lucky enough to do it and get good money for it but health and life is more important. To play football you've got to be happy and happy is not just within yourself. It's the people around you. Especially with an innocent child. Another one is when I had malaria and nearly died.

big smurf: do you think Greece will do well again at the Euro?

Lomana LuaLua: I believe so. They are very ambitious. They want to make their football and their country known. They're a good team and they're going for it. Once you have that ambition to do really well you go forward and that's the key for them.

big smurf: what do you think of your team-mate Ieroklis Stoltidis?

Lomana LuaLua: He's a player who could play in England. They'd love him in England. Like a Nicky Butt or Paul Ince kind of player. When it's war you need that person to fight with you. He gives you that extra - he motivates you - if he can do this then I've got to do this... He has that quality to play football, he's an experienced player. He's a leader. It's not just about wearing the captain's armband.

manfred: who are your favourites to win the Champions League? which team has impressed you most so far?

Lomana LuaLua: Us! I always like to say us because people didn't think we'd get to this stage. We showed we're a good team and we're capable of picking up results. Chelsea is a test for us. But I'll say Arsenal. People doubted them and didn't think they'd get as far as they did. Milan's a test for them, but if they can pass that they can go and win. Their football is amazing.

harry: what will Olympiacos have to be most focused on against Chelsea?

Lomana LuaLua: They'll be under more pressure than us. We're coming to their ground. They want to score goals to beat us. Let's not forget if we score a goal they have to score two. You can't say we must focus on Drogba because Anelka might score. You can't say Anelka because Cole might score. We've got to be patient. Each one of our players has got do his job. We have to try to nick a goal.

athensboypeiraeusfan: while i'm really happy with the team's performance in the c.l. and the cup something goes teribly wrong in league games. what d u think is the problem?

Lomana LuaLua: I don't know. I wouldn't say we were more motivated. That's not true. We're more motivated in every game. No disrespect for the Greek teams but everyone wants to get into the Champions League so you're playing against the best teams around the world so you can sometimes raise your game. So I think we've been raising our standards to show we can compete. It's not motivation. The better teams you play it brings out the best in you. I don't know why it happens like that.

red rick: you have played against some great players in Europe this season? who has impressed you most?

Lomana LuaLua: Robinho's a good player. I watch him on Tv. To be on the same pitch and to watch him play... he's a very very good little player. And Diego at Werder - very good player, good passer.

Carlos: what was your biggest moment playing for the magpies??

Lomana LuaLua: I love Newcastle! My family's still got a place there. I went there when I was really young and naive. A certain decision I made wasn't the right one, being young. But I don't regret anything. You have to make mistakes to become a man. I had a great time there. It's an unbelievable place. It's a team that deserves to play in Europe all the time. It's a very big club. I miss it. It's sad to see the way things have beem going there. My one regret in football would be leaving Newcastle too young. But that made me who I am now, so not really a regret, but it makes me sad. Newcastle still has a place in my heart. I still look for their results and I still have a relative there.

speedy gonzalez: how good is your Greek?

Lomana LuaLua: I understand a little. I've just got a teacher. It's a very hard language. In Spain or wherever when you read a newspaper you can understand a little. But with Greek you can't read it - it's very hard. I feel like a little kid looking at pictures! Ask me again in three months time!

manfred: which coach has inspired you most?

Lomana LuaLua: When I first started in Colchester Mickey Cook. When I was young - I've learned so much from him. Football-wise. He was not just a coach. He was more than that to me. Different managers have inspired me in differnet ways. Harry Redknapp was inspiring. Bobby Robson managed my heroes like Romario and being there with the likes of Alan Shearer I was a bit shocked and a bit scared. Bobby wanted you to focus on football. He was another person who was like a father figure. I've learned different things from them all.

listman: are you good at other sports too?

Lomana LuaLua: Yes. You'd be surprised. I'm an all-round sportsperson. It takes me just a minute to learn and I'm alright. In school gymnastics was the first thing I wanted to do. I used to run and represent the school at atheltics.

Carlos: Mr Lualua I wonder what has been your biggest moment in your career ??

Lomana LuaLua: To represent my country and be named as captain.

ALEX23: There are rumors that you will be returning to England soon (Newcastle) is it true?

Lomana LuaLua: In football you never know. You're here today and gone tomorrow. I can't make that decision. Only god knows what's going to happen tomorrow. I'm having a great time in Greece, but obviously when you're away from your family you get really homesick. But I'm enjoying myself.

farid: how do you prepare mentally for a big game?

Lomana LuaLua: I like to watch DVDs of Ronaldo. The last game I played I was just trying to see how I can improve my game. I pray to get focused.

grosbaf: which game result are you most proud of?

Lomana LuaLua: Panathinaikos - when we beat them 4-0. That was a very good moment. Because we played them twice in a week. A lot was said and we had to prove we were the best team in Greece.

farid: what do you think of the fans in Greece?

Lomana LuaLua: Unbelievable. I'm blessed with the teams I've played for. Colchester, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Olympiacos - they're all so passionate. Oly are a big club. I didn't realise how big until I went out there and experienced it. Unbelievable!

jill: what 3 pieces of advice would you give to a young footballer wanting to be a pro?

Lomana LuaLua: When I first started people were saying it was too late because I was 17. Thank God I have the parents I have. They always said it was never too late. My belief was I could make things work. It wasn't easy growing up in London. You have got to believe in yourself. There's a lot of jealousy. They'll try to put you off. Work hard. If you're good enough and if it's your destiny go for it!

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He played amazing in his first game back wedseday. Hes got the best footwork in greece by far. We really need to keep him.

Well the rumours from England are that he misses his family and may want a return to the UK. He loves the fans though, especially Gate 7, and that might give him the impetous to stay.

I think we need to make the right moves this summer to reflect ambition, or I'm sure he'll leave. :(

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