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PAO vs Houston


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for the love of god what time GR and is espn showing it!!!!!!!!!!

PAO by 20 points, we are the kings of BBall now

It is 3.30 in the morning in Greece,8.30 East coast in the states.ESPN does not have the game,only ET1 in Greece.
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In all seriousness pathetic performance so far from the champs youre the kings of europe u should be the best that euro has to offer and youre gettin your asses wipped

whats that about

agreed, its disgracful

and btw i understand why i hate toronto :P

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...Not to mention that jetlag was a big factor for PAO players: they were essentially playing a game that started at 3:30 am and ended at 6:00 am Greek time!!

I was at the Toyota Center that night and I can personally attest that they all looked like they ought to be in bed...

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AEK mafia :

no respect for you.


As for the game:


The players just had a terrible game for one - Jaskevicius couldnt hit field goals, and our next "american for 2months" got a lot of playing time - honestly we should give up on these American losers.....theyre always terrible (except for Mike) and never commit....Perperoglou would have done much better than this Winston jackass...

I wish we'd go for big Spanish or Italian players for a change...we can afford them, and they have plenty reason to come to Greece....

But there are some excuses:

One its a friendly......

We were missing key players such as Spanoulis and Zisic and Alvertis :nw:

NBgAy rules mean longer quarters, longer 3 point lines and other wierd things

We were away and just sloppy that day

WHAT IM still wiating for is why the hell cant we bring these a***** to OAKA for a change after all these years??? NBA teams are in europe every year, playing smaller teams we as PAO should be practicing with them every preseseason at least one match, why didnt we have one game for the fans - not in TEXAS at least, make it in Athens......THEN well see in front of the loudest fans in Basketball how these guys can play...

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the highlights are only faseis from Houston - but of course!

Bias, terrible commentary you can tell just by the cut clips

and heres a suggestion: LEARN TO PRONOUNCE.

Why is it important one ignorant would ask?


If youre paid to commentate - SPEAK you should be able to SPEAK properly.

panthenAkohs.....PLEASE. hatifretus...DISGRACE HATZI-VRETTAS is EASY to say.

Dropi stous Pana8hnaikoi stis eksedres - 2000 k den akousame kamia trela na deiksoume tous Houstonians pws einai ta pragmata sto real world...like a LEOFOROS 2007-2008 atmosphere ........

I can only hope that the team and fans improves and beats the Spurs...

F*** NBA and Team USA Basket!!!!!! Nbaers Come to ATHENS, play the WORLDS rules and bring extra shorts for when you piss yourselves :box:

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