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Agrotikos Asteras - PAOK 0-0

PAOK lineup: Fernandes, Sznaucner (46. Udese) (67. Delibasis), Melissis (80. Malezas), Knol, Konstantinidis, Vaggelis 46.Moumin), Orfanos (80. Pechlivanis), Baiano, Lakis ( 57. Athanasiadis), Salmon (46.Iliev), Gonzales (46. Charalambous)

Lackluster display by PAOK in the friendly with Agrotikos Asteras Euosmou. The team is having problems scoring and creating scoring chances. At least last season we had Mieciel. Best players according to reports were the youngsters Delibasis and Pechlivanis.

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Players going to Belgrade for the friendly:

Μπρκιτς, Βελλίδης, Μάτος, Κίτσιου, Λέοβατς, Μαλεζάς, Κρέσπο, Κάνιας, Μπίσεσβαρ, Τιάμ, Πέλκας, Δημητριάδης, Κοροβέσης, Δεληγιαννίδης, Περέιρα, Αθανασιάδης, Δοδοντσάκης, Κυριλλίδης, Ματθαίου

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It will be our first match against our brothers in Belgrade. 

The game will be a tribute to Partizan's captain Sasa Ilic, as he will play his 791st game for Partizan and will share the alltime appearance list of Partizan with Momcilo Vukotic. PAOK will play in our 90th anniversary shirt: 


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