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20 hours ago, pash said:

Nope! Apart from the Populous guy looking exactly like every architect who's ever existed.

I'll give you one guess which of these guys he is:


the weird thing is, your statement is both accurate and incorrect. I've worked in some offices where the robots roll off the assembly of architects looking exactly like that and then others where even the top dogs rock around in jeans and heavy metal band tshirts

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Barbara Vasilatou, Project Lead and Senior Associate at Populous, said:

“We look forward to working alongside PAOK FC and the wider team to deliver a cutting-edge, inclusive and sustainable new home for the club. On a personal level, I am immensely proud to be involved in a project of such prestige in my home country. We will deliver a world-class design that places people at its heart and is embedded in its community and the local environment. The new stadium will be a unique landmark in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki that both fans and Thessalonians will cherish for generations to come.”

Is it really Thessalonians? Seems wrong

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