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U18 MVP Kostas Koufos in action

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They had hopes for higher.... like top 14......I dont really think it matters to be honest. Most important is to play and get experience and for now trying to make the Olympic qualifying team.

In other draft news, Nikola Pekovic was taken at #31, who is one of PAO's big signings this summer from Partizan.......

NBA sites said maybe Dushan Sakota was a possibility... I didnt expect him too, but him and Koufos were the only representatives of Greece there.........Dushan has played for the Greek National youth teams, although he is from Serbia....I guess he didnt develop at PAO into the player they wanted, and that waved his chances of NBA I guess...Pity, when hes on he is a very good player, maybe not fit for NBA though, Panionios seems to be a good fit at the moment.

Fenerbahce (Ulkerspor) had 2 players in the draft, Semih and Omer Asik... Fener had a good season in the Euroleague (for Fener standards) and beat Aris I remember..

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Evalagoal, I am related to Diamantidis. He is a third cousin and came from the same village that my parents came from in Kastoria. As for Koufos, no. But I am excited about him because he will be a big player in the NBA and a bigger player with our national team and will follow his games at Ohio State

Im kinda related with someone kinda related to him lol

But I know people that know him well

Anyone whos good enough to be drafted into the NBA has potential... Thats why they are in the draft. Hopefully he does well and he sticks with greece which im sure he will because his family is apparently very greek culture oriented

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