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I am about to get a dish installed and was thinking of ordering Mega and Antenna. Are there any major sports games broadcast on these channels (Football & Basketball Greek League or National, Champions League)?

Mega has no sports whatsoever.Ant1 has Aek and Paok soccer games i believe while ERT is the channel with OSFP and PAO soccer games plus basketball.As far as Champions League the answer is easy,NONE of the above.Espn has one game a week and the rest Sentana sports.
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In order to watch both Antenna and Mega you need to subscribe to two different Satellite TV providers ( Direct TV and DISH Network).

That means 4 dishes! Two for each.


Depending on your location.I live in Florida and i have one from each.One normal size from Dishnetwork and a humagous one from DirectTV.
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