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Definitely getting the All Day Pass on Jump tv. Watching Greece vs. Turkey and Czech vs. Germany for only 7.95 is a good deal, plus any other game you feel like watching. I'm so glad there is finally a legit site with good prices. :)

Please tell us what you think once you watch the games.

I will be purchasing the Greece-Turkey on Demand since I won't be able ot watch it live. JumpTV reps have informed me the match will be available on demand within 2 hours after it ends...

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The city only has turkish places showing the game. If you want to take the train to watch the game you should go to the Nisyrian Club in astoria because its a block away from the subway. If you want to drive to watch the game go to Oasis but get there early to find parking.

Bar/Venue St. Johns Thelogos/Nisyrian Club

Address 3180 41st Street

City Astoria, NY 11103

Phone 718-545-6480

Bar/Venue Oasis Cafe (NY)

Address 196 - 30 Northern Blvd.

City Bayside, NY 11357

Phone 718-357-4843

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The quality to JumpTV is really good the more speed you got the better stream you will recieve I tested out there greek package few months ago there streams were really good ;) I got cable internet

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It's not the game. The game is not until 21:30. Saturday's Stadium is just a weekly sports show. Usualy it features interviews with athletes andcoaches. They also show highlites of old games. Tommorrow I expect them to focus on the Greece - Turkey game and showing NT highlites from the archives.

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Jump TV all access pass is for 24 hours - it clearly says it on the website.

As for the UBI channel - I would not be surprised if its shown on there as the Turks rarely abide by broadcasting laws.

Is Jumptv better ( speedwise) than Uefa.com?

Anybody has any experience to comment?


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I have registered but not yet purchased anything. Once the payment goes through for pass purchase, can you start viewing immediately or is there a confirmation you have to wait in your email before you can watch.

I won't know about a half hour before game time if I will be watching the game at a bar, which is why I am asking.

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this might seem like a stupid question, but how do you maximize the video screen

on jumptv.com

thanx in advance

:gr: pame elladara gera :gr:

How big a clear picture are you getting?
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Hello Greek friends,

Here is a stream to ATV (Turkish channel) that broadcasts the match also.. I know that the videoquality is not outstanding, but it's free, so what else do you want. Please don't complain about it, if you do, then you can go for JumpTV or other paysites. :LOL:




May the best win.. Good luck fellas.. :tup:

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I have not tried this myself, but I have heard that you should click omn

"Configuration test" first, see what it says.

If people use firefox, sometimes windows media does not work.

If you use explorer, it works.

Also, you have to click on a game now going on, e.g. Lithouania-France.

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ATV and Mega Cosmos have been blocked out here in Australia on UBI

I knew ATV would be blocked but why Mega Cosmos also Im pretty sure they arent showing it on Cosmos anyway.... same happen in America or they showing normal programming?


Mega now back on showing there normal programming UBI must of realised that the soccer match is not showing on there...

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