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Found 1 result

  1. This is where we will discuss the severe crisis that the Western world, Europe and mostly Greece face as a result of Illegal Immigration. I didn't want to put my opinion in the title as I understand some may see things differently pertaining to the issue, so you are free to voice your opinions here. The biggest issue right now is Muslim immigration. I personally believe that illegal immigration by these people is not just emigration but a large scale invasion by a peoples who as a minority pretend to be docile but as a majority reveal their true intentions, and thirst for ideological supremacy. The problem is that while the rest of the Mediterranean has tightened up their immigration policy, Greece in 2015 thus far alone, is letting in three times more illegal immigrants by sea than ever before. Immigration centers/ detainment camps are plagues by overcrowding and many riots as of late and camps like Amygdaleza are not only releasing 30 immigrants a day but plan on releasing 3,500 more immigrants simultaneously in the next few weeks. I won't say too much yet as I'd like to hear other thoughts as well first, but I'll share a powerful video that I saw a few years ago, which in essence was warning us of days to come. If you haven't seen this video I strongly reccomend you do. Everything from the message, to the music bring shivers up my spine:
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