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  1. We won vs Malta lol wrlcome back everyone
  2. Another winger we are interested in : https://www.transfermarkt.us/pontus-almqvist/profil/spieler/300532
  3. Salzburg is ready to pay 17.5 mil with 18% resale rights for Konstantelias. This is a no brainer, we do this and we can get 3 top quality starters with just the $ from the sale.
  4. Yes, but if you pay him 1 million more, EVERYONE else is going to ask for a raise as well. Next thing you know, your budget is increasing by 10-15 million. We can not afford that.
  5. I feel like there are new alliances in Greek football which is crazy. Paok & Olympiakos AEK & Panathinaikos Aris & No one
  6. That is correct my bald Bostonian friend. If we turn down a 15 million offer, and prevent him from making 1.5 mil per year he could become disgruntled. That would do no service to anyone. If he wants to go to Austria and we can make 15+ (due to % sales), allow him.
  7. His buyout has to be a lot, right? If he leaves us again, he won't be welcome back in Thessaloniki. Two times now. If he does, Fernando Santos, welcome!
  8. All signs are pointing to us having a VERY BUSY transfer window. I can see us bringing in as many as 7-8 players. Figure 4 rotational players, 4 starters. Let's see how much $ we dish out.
  9. We just made 600,000 Euros. Fortuna permanently signed Tzolis and we received 17.5% from it
  10. The Homegrown Player Rule is a rule for UEFAcompetitions that was first introduced in 2006–07 season and fully enforced beginning in the 2008–09 season. On top of a maximum 25 players for List A, clubs had to designate a minimum 8 players that were trained by clubs from the same national league, with 4 of them being from the club's own youth system.[1] The rule in turn capped a maximum of 17 foreigners for the club in UEFA competitions.
  11. We need certain # of Greek homegrown players for Champions League registration. I think that's why we are in talks with these players. I wouldn't mind having backups who are Greek, but I don't see us buying any starter quality Greeks besides Pelkas. I would take Tzolis back, as his team did not qualify for Bundesliga. Even someone like Giannoulis to split time w/ Baba
  12. Konstantelias is out of the friendlies as he sustained an injury vs Aris
  13. We are automatically the top ranked team during the 2nd & 3rd Qualifying Round should we qualify. We would be the third highest seeded team for the Playoff rounds. The only team that I think we won't be favorites against will be Galatasaray
  14. This summer can turn our team into one to contend for Champions League and Superleague titles for years to come. I think one reason why a lot of us were upset during the past few summer windows is there was no clear path. We were frugal when it came to transfers. With our young talent, the $ we will get by offloading players, and the $ from UCL there is NO reason why we can't bring in 4-5 players who will immediately be top 10% in the league. If we do that, we can have a run like Olympiakos did where the league is ours for the foreseeable future. I think we need a top level international CB. Look at years past, we have had Varela, Ingasson, Vitor (Israel), Malezas, Ricardo Costa, etc... who have all played international tournaments. I assume we will lose Koulierakis. And Michailidis didn't look solid enough for a UCL starter yesterday. I would try and keep Kedziora, but if he goes we will need 2. For CM, looks like Misic is coming. I think if we have a group of Misic, Meite, Ozdoev, Tsiggaras, Schwab that is enough. Obviously we need a proper striker. A true CF who can score anytime they touch the ball. Brandon will be a good backup. Loan out or release Samatta and have Tzimas as the 3rd option. Lastly, I would get one more winger. A true speed merchant who can dominate lesser opponents in the SL. I would even take a flier and sign someone 18-20 who will be cheaper but perhaps we can mold him into a Konstantelias type player.
  15. We will be seeded probably throughout the qualifying rounds
  16. Aris getting some good chances now. Gotta weather this storm
  17. Beautiful move by Konstantelias to get open
  18. Aris came out on fire this half. Completely dominating play
  19. Gotta take out Michalidis this half. Aris will start diving around him
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