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  1. History was against us BUT this team is very different to the past 5 years since we won it in 2018 and even then, we finished so strong vs 2018.

  2. EPO trying to take the game to Cyprus agains but with no fans... arguably one of the dumbest moves any EPO has ever done which speaks volumes for how ridicoulos that would be

  3. Its not, they hope to have it there but EPO has made a huge meal out of this, what type of federation doesn't have thos organised 12 months in advance 🤦‍♂️

  4. On 2/10/2023 at 6:02 AM, Blackhawk said:

    I am watching the AEK - Olympiakos cup game (1:0 in 20th minute) and for a new stadium the pitch is in bad condition. You would think the stadium should have the best pitch in Greece.

    Speaking of the cup, who do we want in the final? AEK or Olympiakos?

    Pitch i bad condition?? Not being biased but there has been no issue what so ever with the pitch not does it appear so. 

  5. He is like nothing we have or even close to it, there is no doubt he needs to be picked, this is why I was pissed off he was not in the crap friendlies we had late last year to get integrated into the team, instead it will be the qualifiers were we wont have played with any of the Ethniki guys but never the less, he needs to be there 100%, we have needed someone like him for years now.

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