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  1. Donis needs to get more playing time and regain form....hopefully he features for his club more often. Pavlidis and Fountas are both very fast and in good form....I'd like to see them start together om the NT with one playing as a false 9 against weaker sides. Fountas seems to have the golden touch as he is able to score in many different and even unusual ways atm...."ton theli h mpala" as they say and we really need to get some scoring happening.
  2. 2 goals so far for Pavlidis against the mighty FC Progres Niederkorn of Luxembourg in Willem's europa league qualifiers. Good opportunity to stack his goal stats.
  3. Great win for PAOK today. Excellent 2nd half. Giannoulis' stock just went up and I would consider waiting a bit before selling him. All around a much better performance than what we've seen lately and the players all seemed more fit. Congratulations!
  4. It sounds like Boxou is shooting for the Schipmeister's job....fortunately I will be easily able to adapt his name to playful nicknames : Boxster, Dropboxou, Boxmaster, Boxcutter, Boxoucles, etc. Seriously though 4 wins and a tie in the last 5 games, the Schipster deserves some slack for the underwhelming performances especially considering the circumstances.
  5. <<Ο Έλληνας ποδοσφαιριστής τόνισε αρχικά στην κάμερα του OPEN TV: «Είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος για την νίκη αλλά και επειδή στο προηγούμενο αγώνα έχασα μια εύκολη φάση, αυτή την φορά λυτρώθηκα και χάρισα την νίκη στην ομάδα» και πρόσθεσε για την φάση του γκολ με αυτή που είχε κόντρα στην Σλοεβνία: «Ήταν περίπου ίδια φάση, έτσι δουλεύουμε τα κόρνερ, δίστασα γιατί περίμενα να βγει ο τερματοφύλακας. Επίσης δεν έβλεπα και την μπάλα, έβαλα το πόδι και πήγε έτσι όπως πήγε. Τώρα ήμουν πιο συγκεντρωμένος έκανα το κοντρόλ και έγινε ότι έγινε». Για την νέα... εποχή της Εθνικής είπε: «Κάνουμε ένα κα
  6. Latest lineup rumor (from SDNA): Ο προπονητής της Εθνικής διατηρεί το 4-2-3-1 και επιλέγει τους παρακάτω “11”: Μπάρκας, Μπακάκης, Σβάρνας, Σταφυλίδης, Γιαννούλης, Ζέκα, Κουρμπέλης, Φορτούνης, Μπακασέτας, Λημνιός και Κουλούρης We definitely need a win here.
  7. That's the reason he starts over Fortounis. If Fortounis put in the same effort he'd be starting instead as he is more skilled. The system Schippy is trying to implement depends on team cohesiveness and quick transition as shown in the start of the 2nd half....there isn't much call for a playmaker in this system unless he can contribute to the rest of the tasks required on the field from all players. Fortounis for all his skill would kill this type of play with his current style. I'm hoping he will adapt to the system as he can be a valuable asset but that's entirely up to him (this also appli
  8. Kinda disappointing performance. While Siovas and Svarnas were both steady there was a definite difference in the transition without Staf and Hatzidiakos helping to move up the middle....also more back peddling than the previous games. We were predictably attacking from the flanks and the crosses coming in were handled easily by the bigger bodied Slovenian defenders. We were the better side and there positive stretches during the game for sure but I think JVS was not terribly happy with the outcome....I'm sure he'll be tweaking things for the next match. On the bright side the 1 good
  9. ^^^^He was left out because he was feeling ill
  10. ^^^^I have been having the same issue particularly when open multiple tabs....otherwise the site looks great.
  11. Pretty crappy for sure but both teams will be on the same pitch so....game on! Looking forward to this.
  12. Maybe your memory is not that great but these 2 hung Anastasiadis out to dry....why would Schippy call them back and have them do the same to him if they (like you) don't agree with his selections or game tactics. Besides neither have the attributes he's looking for in the CB position: the ability to transition from defence....not saying that their defensive abilities would not be needed in a pinch, but why risk creating drama when it's not needed. Vlachodimos is indeed a head scratcher but it's not like there's that much difference between him and the rest of the keepers. The fact is he JVS i
  13. Good news that Mantalos is staying both for player and club. He's been the soul of the team for along time and it would be very difficult to replace him. At least he still loves the game enough to not make the mistake of signing himself into oblivion, although the money would have been great. Ansarifard should do ok in the GSL despite the fact he couldn't cut it in the Championship....he could be a sleeper.
  14. I like the call ups. JVS seems to be building a young streamlined team of players who can play with the ball on the ground. We were all complaining when young players were being overlooked so I'm all for giving a chance to the new faces. The Schipster seems to be really applying himself in finding as many options as he can in all positions.
  15. Tuned in to the Willem II - VVV Venlo match today to see if Pavlidis was playing (he wasn't) and check out Giacoumakis (he was subbed in at the 62') but who caught my eye is Sotirios Kokkinis, a greek-german youngster (20yrs) who came on at the half and was really active on the right flank. He was on the Venlo U19/21 squads for the past few years after spending a few years at the Schalke youth squads. He got transferred to Willem II in July and looks like some one to keep an eye on if he can catch on with the first squad.
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