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  1. 2 hours ago, Megas said:

    ... and another thing is im sick and tired of greeks taking club football so serious. this is where it counts for Godsake world cups & European cups. Club football comes no where near national team football. As an ethnos we hugely have problems amongst ourselves I couldn't care less who wins the championship it means nothing when you win it with 10 foreigners produce some players.

    Best post in the history of this forum. Well said, Megas

  2. On 10/10/2017 at 6:35 PM, Rockafeller Skank said:


    A good performance from defence midfield and attacking mids. All of them were creative Mantalos Fortounis and Gianniotas.

    Stafylidis has started to feel the no playtime he has at Augsburg. His crosses used to be gold or at least most of them. In this match he had only 3-4 good and the lucky one with Gianniotas Goal.

    Lazaros disappointed. The Lazaros meme ended. I still believe he deserves a spot as on his day he can take on better opponents too as he is unpredictable as a player. However, today he just disapointed. Could do nothing and looked out of sync with the team. Hardly helped. I believe the Mantalos-Fortounis-Donis trio behind Mitroglou is our best for starters.

    Torosidis proved once again how good and how much of a key player he is. People may talk about Bakakis but he is not there yet, and might never be and do the career of Torosidis.

    Mitroglou disappointed me as well. Hoping this was due to injury and no playtime since June but he really disappointed. He scored 2 goals but missed another 2-3. Same with Cyprus. Scored but lost a ton lot of chances.

    Gianniotas mixed feelings. I wanna say "he did the work of Bakasetas and Lazaros and even Mantalos who re all preffered over him, in just 14 minutes. He scored." But honestly he just got in when they were all tired as fuq and weren't even following a tiny player like him with their eyes. His pros are that he smells the goal. He knew where to put himself on every occasion. He was the only one that believed in Stafylidis making that cross on the finish line and he freed himself from everyone to put his 4th goal. I believe he should be a 100% last 10-15 minute substitution on every match Greece plays. He is mobile and has workrate. He moves on the pitch. Anyways, so I can't say that he did better job than all the other wingers Skibbe has used on this campaign but he did score a very bizarre goal.

    Wasn't expecting to form an opinion from this match but I did.

    a) Karnezis must got really bored

    b)Torosidis is deserved captain. He knows how to talk post match. He even εξέθεσε the EPO saying that "In Australia we talked with EPO and the Coach and discussed what went wrong in the previous campaign and tried to solve most of our problems.Everyone had fault not just the coach the players too and the EPO as well." Needs balls to be able to say that.

    c) We re going to the playoffs boiz.

    d) Mitroglou finding form with Marsseille will upgrade the whole way this team looks.

    e)Gianniotas must be a sub after 75 especially if we re defending a score. Open opponent defences are the easiest to break.

    f)Stafylidis future captain in 7-8 years. We ve forgotten Holebas with him but without playtime he will deteriorate. Idk the situation with him. He was supposed to get a move to Roma/Inter/Hamburg but none happened and now he is benched. Maybe "punishment" for wanting a move?Expect a sell during winter but hoping he gets playtime before we play the playoffs.



    Also, I know you lot probably gonna call me inhuman but, what did that retard want in Olympiakos Stadium with the shirt of Panathinaikos?? Literally feel no pity for someone so stupid who went there. He knows the situation in Greece. I ve even been stopped from OFI fans here in Heraklion with a Barcelona shirt and they told me to never wear that again. He just went to his archrival's stadium with his team's shirt.

    Seriously? You're actually saying someone deserves to be beaten by 20 people for wearing another team's jersey? 

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