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  1. On 10/14/2023 at 6:34 PM, Dean97 said:

    The few things I took away from this win is Giakoumakis deserves to start instead of Pavlidis from now on. His bullet header and his positioning to start the 2nd goal told me everything. He is our best ST at the moment outside of Douvikas who didn’t get called. We are lucky to have so many inform forwards at the moment. Wish that could be said at CM.

    We still desperately need a 6 who is fast and can make quick passes and  decisions. I saw Mantalos playing as the 6 at times because I assume poyet thought Kourbelis was getting caught out for his slow moving and thinking with the ball. Which I agree and believe was the case. Midfield in general needs improving and different players.

    Vlachodimos saved us a handful of times. Especially in the beginning of the first half. He did well considering he had been criticised a lot by Benfica fans. 

    I’m still not convinced in having Bakasetas as our captain and starter. I don’t think I ever will be. Fortounis is way more creative and better player in general and I’ll always stand by that. 

    Happy to see the team win and succeed but there are still a lot of question marks as usual with player selections.


    Good points. Fortounis is the best pure footballer Greece has, period. Imagine having him in the lineup today.

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  2. 43 minutes ago, J1078 said:

    With Turkey Pretty much guaranteed to qualify the 4 teams in the nations league playoffs are

    Greece vs Kazakhstan

    Georgia vs Latvia


    The winners if each game will play each other to see who makes the Euros. Hopefully we don't need this way. But we would have to be the favorites. 

    Greece will beat Holland if they play nice passes and stay compact as they did today. Then we can maybe pull of direct qualification to Euros.

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  3. That horrible first half ruined our head to head chances with the Dutch. If only we could have just lost by just a goal. Greece can beat Ireland. It won’t be easy but we have more quality and will be more organized with Mavropanos & Baldock. Need France to get a result vs Holland and then beat them in Athens. Who knows maybe the final game vs France could mean something? At this point though it looks like Greece will be playing in the playoffs. 

  4. A main concern after this match is how can none of our strikers score? Masouras got a couple goals & even Mavropanos. Pavlidis looks to be fighting it when he plays with NT he has not scored since last yr vs Cyprus in NL match. Giakoumakis is not consistent enough either. Douvikas should be on the team but apparently Poyet doesn’t rate him. Adding to this is that Fortounis the most offensively talented Greek player we had at our disposal retired the same day Poyet left him off the squad. Hopefully these things can be rectified he has done a better overall job by winning the NL and having Greece beat teams that we are suppose to be beating. At the end of the day Greece have to qualify for Euros. 

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