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  1. @ white saucse-no obuma just welcomes the illegals with open borders and open wallets without allowing immigration to do there job. the worst president regarding national security! failure to the max


    @ repear Hillary is an extension of obumas political policy as well. there arming of the "" least radical mulsims as they put it , has created the s%$#! that is plaguing Europe and the usa. allowing people into the country without documentation and not knowing where they have been and there intensions, let alone to be tested for disease!!! which is sickning, wtf is going on, really when immigrats migrated from ellis island there were protcols. you had to meet them, if not bye!

  2. If your saying trump is bad and fail to understand that Hillary couldn't comprehend not care what national security means then we'll you just don't get it. And or are biased, if you just can't do your job then your bad. If that was myself I would be fired for allowing another company access to blue prints regarding my job. Let alone someone working in a low level state department job. So white sauces your arguments callig. Trump people supporters idiots need to be redirects towards Hillary people !

  3. Really so your anti trump? And your in the states voting!? People who assume that white sauce are failing to realize that Hillary failed as a def secretary! Unless your working for China, Russia and Saudi! I'm tired of morons stated that about trump yet fail to notice her failures with the email issues!!!

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