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  1. I would love to see a 3 pair midfield of

    Kace - dm

    Cimirot - cm

    Pelkas - am

    Add mysta and rodrigues on the wings we woud tear any GSL team a new one.

    Our problem is im defence.

    Great to have gary back i hope he fires and i would love for tudor and the boys to put 6 past panthrax to stick it to epo and the gayros

  2. os, im not a fan of rival clubs sticking together but f**k me enough is enough. 


    PAO got F***ed gate 13 gets banned

    now im waiting for kontonis on GATE 4 

    next it will be aek


    you cannot tell me all 3 clubs cannot run their club's and olympiacos is not at fault. 


    Its time for a revolt 

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  3. I hope all sydesmoi, all paok fans around the world and the thessaloniki media support ivan in not playing the return leg. And make this a massive issue.

    I support ivan and the paok fans.

    Stop blamming paok for this we didnt create this.

    When we lost first round to gayroi in toumba this season we acknowledged our team was s%$#! and moved on.

    What happened this morning is as i said and tudor. You are playing with peoples lives and this cannot go on.

    I didnt wake up at 4.30am in sydneh australia to watch paok so marinakis can take a dump on my face.

    Enough is enough.

    Ivan krata dynata and lets break the system.

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