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  1. Hace you guys seen highlights of partixabs 19 yr old captain who is now a free agent.?

    Zivkovic right wing he loos F***en amazing and transfermarket has his value at 7m euros.

    Who will sign this guy?

    Also todays reports talk about paok preparing for life without kace as a sale is inevetable.

    Also inpaok just wrote mateaus from dnipro has agreed to terms.

  2. For me the gains were mandalos and bakasetas. With good seasons at aek and moves abroad both can become aolid players for national team. Stafyllidis needs to put work in and can become a decen tplayer too.

    Lazaros , tactsidis, papazoglou, giannotas need to worry about making as much money as they can for retirement cause there all notup to it

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  3. If hes a jairo replacement te turkish league shits on the slovakian league.

    Last year we brought in leovac from croatian league.

    Jairos from slovakian league

    Sabo from slovakian league.

    So far

    Matos ukraine

    Shakov ukraine

    Jalma turkish

    Much better start than last year

  4. Who was saying australia is a good team? They should beat us?

    Stop listening to fox sports and ausyralian media hype. Australia is junk.

    Greece needs work off the park and inside epo to become a decent team. We have some good cattle but we dont have spirit and belief simple.

    Christodopoulos is done. Need to keep working with fringe players and hope players like mavrias, mystakidis, foundas can develop along with guys like vellios, mandalos, bakasetas to bread some new players.

    We have 5 - 7 solid players but a good side in world cup and euro canpaings needs alot more.

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  5. I read an article 3 months ago that for me depicted australia.

    Its the australian thing to do to drink coffee in the morning. That was the headline and then the article went on how austrakia has the best coffee in the world like the media professes everything australia has is the best in the world.

    Too funny honestly the saddest thing for me of all this is that we are going to lose tonigt to a team that would get relegated in seria b ffs

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  6. For me guys if we really want to lift some trophies and have a slight chance of making CL. We need to really improve the squad and renewing vitor will not help in anyway.

    We need some quality olayers at the right age and with the hunger to play.

    If we can build on players like gary, cmirok, leovac (ar lb) who came in and done well and have some good rotation players like mysta, pelkas, kitsiou, kace.

    We need to add quality and keep Mak and add 3-4 champions league players across the main positions of AM, CM, CB, RB.

    If we have signed matos for RB i feel thats a good start now we need 3 serious injections. Guys proven at high level not south american first timers in europe.

    Lets see what happens but one thing is for sure. It would be nice to have all signing finished over the next 4 weeks.

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  7. i see paok working harder under ivic as a coach instead of some prima madona coach from somewhere in europe who doesnt want to coach in greece but is like ah well for 1m euros ill go and see F*** that, we deserve someone who respects and understands the club and doesnt have complexes like some small minded greek coaches do. 


    In ivic i honestly feel we have a yugo coach who knows the whole world thinks he from some war torn s%$#! whole and wants to stick it to them to show them who he is, and that does suit us as PAOK 

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