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  1. I'd advice all of you to have an eye on our basketball team this year as the team looks interesting on paper and have played promising under the pre-season. Yesterday they won 75-74 against Bamberg, the current German champions that will take part in this year's Euroleague.


    The new manager, Ilias Papatheodorou, lead Greece to a gold medal in this year's u20 European championship and he will be having the three best players from that team under his command at PAOK; Charalambopoulos (on loan from PAO), Koniaris and Karras. 

  2. 46 minutes ago, pash said:

    Whoa - is that a paid site? Or will it just start streaming for all?

    And welcome back, long time no see!

    No, they will be streaming the game for free in order to thank those that have been supporting them under this european journey that ends today!

    Thanks Pash! You will probably see me more often from now on!

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