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  1. 6 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

    Colak deal is done. Four year contract, and around 450K in salary. We paid 3 mil to Rijeka. They get to keep 15% in resale.

    Wague loan is probably almost as good as done since he too travelled to Thessaloniki. Apparently we are still negotiating the buyout option. Originally there wasn't going to be one.

    As for Matos, he is one of my favorite players on the team and I am disappointed that he is leaving. It's quite simple. Farreira convinced the front office to get rid of those players. Even if they stayed he has no intentions of playing them. 

    He won't be here for Wednesday. We should have not let go of Akpom before the game. This is just mind boggling.

  2. I believe its at the wrong time too... Akpom was good because atleast he didn't keep falling over, but if we cant replace him will be stuck with Swideriski (who has lots of room to improve) but keeps falling over because hes so weak.
    We have a very short time to find someone who is physically strong, knows some basic dribbling and has a great areal presence. 

  3. 1 hour ago, FrappeFetish said:

    Newcastle is going to need to increase their offer after that performance from Giannoulis. Tzolis also showing so much potential yet again with some of those chances he created for himself. Shows a confidence and composure beyond his age. 

    We cant sell Giannoulis, his worth way more then that. If we gonna sell were gonna sell like the big teams.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

    Thessaloniki mayor Zervas announced that the New Toumba project was approved by the local authorities and is moving ahead. During an interview he mentioned the projected completion of the project is in 2025 and that it will cost around 140 milion Euro and will be financed by Ivan Savvidis. He also mentioned that the 40,000 stadium capacity is possible, but it depends and the design by the architectural company.

    The project still has to be approved by the Greek government, and that's where I expect major opposition as long as the current government is in power.

    Any chances of Greece hosting the EURO or WORLD CUP (joint or not) require a 40,000+. If Savidis and Thesaloniki wants EUROPA LEAGUE final that too requires a 40,000+.

  5. 19 hours ago, Bananas said:

    Hard to say if we'll go for the 7M from Nova.  That equates to 100,000 subscribers.  Question is if the club want to keep the momentum moving with PAOK TV, which would indicate they plan for this to really be for the long term, or whether it was a negotiating tactics to extract more out of NOVA moving forward.  I guess we'll see.

    It is a lowish offer. Think PAOK TV may generate way more revenue in the long term.
    I wonder how revenue from PAOK TV is counted in by FIFA and FFP.

  6. 22 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

    Looks like the new PAOK TV will have its debut on August 8 with a screening of Toumba Uncensored.

    Some details about the PAOK TV upgrades:


    Toumba uncensored would be a perfect opportunity to reveal Paoks new stadium

  7. On 7/22/2020 at 8:41 PM, Blackhawk said:

    Superleague will discuss on Monday the proposed format change for the upcoming Superleague season. The leading proposal is to go for an 18-team league. This would mean nobody will be relegated and 4 teams from Superleague 2 will be promoted. 

    Along with this year's Greek Cup final, this is another good joke concerning Greek football.

    "18 teams", lets make the league less competitive, as that equals more revenue. Should just go to 12 teams or 10 with four rounds.

  8. On 7/24/2020 at 10:18 AM, Nea Bafra said:

    having said that. if mario balotelli is thinking of going to Serie C to play with Como, surely we are in with a shot. At 29 he still has good years left.

    Mario balotelli, isnt a team player, hes full of himself. Dont think hes a good match.

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  9. There's nothing in the document, except that its even possible to  build a 45,000 in the area without any alterations to the surroundings.

  10. 11 hours ago, paokarag4 said:

    You can't build your team around youth, it can't happen not in Greece and not at PAOK. The fans won't accept a season where we lose games and aren't contending for the title, there will be issues. It's a reality of Greek football. I know Panathinaikos has gone down that road but it's been years of poor management and debt that has led the fans to kind of fizzle out (for the time being) PAOK fans won't sit there silently if a core of 7-8 guys under the age of 22 play and we lose 10-12 league games there will be chaos. 

    I think the perfect balance is what we have going atm, start 2 of the young guys, have another couple on the bench and have experience around them it's the best of both worlds. 

    That wouldn't pass in any country, not just Greece.
    You cant build a team around youth unless your happy with potentially not getting any champions league money. Its needs to be a mix, just how its done in any other country. They have a few young players who play along the older ones but they will never field the whole team with youngsters unless they have secured the league.

    Biseswar  is someone I would consider selling. He cant aim to save his life, and every-time he actually scored, I'm always surprised how he even managed to take a shot on target. The guy needs to realise that he cant aim and he needs to takes shooting practice very seriously (everyday of the week for ever), or he just stops shooting and uses his skills purely to setup goals.  If he does none, I think we can find someone better.

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