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  1. Douvikas ends the season as the Eredivisie top scorer (joint with Xavi Simmons of PSV) with 19 goals. He is the 3rd Greek to be the top scorer in the Netherlands and the 2nd in 2 years! Giakoumakis was top scorer in 20-21 and Machlas in 97-98. Bravo Taso!!



  2. We have played a really poor and dumb first 15 mins of the 2nd half, AEK with 10 men is pressing us and causing us issues.

    At this early stage our team has already broken in 2, players in our attacking third are getting way too high up the pitch and are not in a position to receive the ball. Leaving us with no way to move the ball up the pitch.

    Playing right into AEK's hands, need a big shift in mentality here. 

  3. You could tell early in the game it would be a tight game that would probably be decided by the one goal. Unfortunately for us, our half chances didn't cut it, not that we played poorly. What we lacked is what we've lacked for most of the year, that is quality with the final ball/someone to finish our chances. 

    It all comes down to the Cup final, obviously winning a trophy would be fantastic. Plus the added bonus of playing in the Europa League and starting our competitive matches on the 10th of August will be super important to the team getting a proper pre-season in and giving any new signings the chance to settle. 

    Compared to if we lose and begin our European journey in the Conference League on the 27th of July. Those two weeks could be crucial. 

  4. Good news, expect all three to start!

    Will be a nice way to end the season, winning and clinching Europa League football regardless of the Cup final. Expect a tight game where all 3 results are just as likely, I worry about our fire power and being able to finish our chances. Hopefully Thomas and Zivkovic can carry on their scoring form. 

    A fit and available Taison would be nice, even if it is only off the bench. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

     and use a coin toss to decide winner. 

    Love this idea, but where do we toss the coin? I don't think it should be in Athens, would Beos have us for a coin toss? And who tosses the coin? 

  6. What an unbelievably stupid challenge Kargas decided to make which got him sent off. There is no threat there what so over, the AEK player was on the halfway line, passing back into his own half, with our defence just about fully set. Just why? No reason what so ever to slide in there, and this is a 28 year old who's been playing football for years, not a 19 year-old Koulierakis. 

    Big picture wise the loss doesn't hurt us, as others have mentioned. Hopefully the players confidence doesn't take too much of a knock from the heavy loss. We beat Aris, Volos, and Olympiakos on the last match-day we should end up 3rd and secure Europa League football regardless of the Cup final result.

  7. Seems it's as a result of having suffered COVID at some point, not sure if that was recent or a while ago. Club said he won't train for 2 weeks, not sure if after that he'll be cleared to train fully and potentially play. Or if he'll be eased back into things and potentially miss the last month of the season. 

    Good news is he is okay and the playing side of things will work itself out in the coming weeks. 

  8. The change in coach makes it interesting, hard to know what sort of formation and tactics they may come with. Regardless the mood around Olympiakos isn't great and hasn't been all year. Players hearing it from the fans, poor management in multiple areas. It all leads to an unsettled playing squad and something we can hopefully take advantage of. 

    Thomas a chance to start over Oliveira? I know Lucescu has been toying with the idea so it might happen in this game. 

    No TV coverage in Australia as far you know, Blackhawk? 

  9. Disappointing result considering the other results, we would have been in this up to our eyeballs. It was always going to be tough and I think most of us thought 2nd place was the maximum for this season. Considering we are now 6 points behind the top 2, I think we go away to Olympiakos and go for the win. We've beaten them there this year, and while they are improved this time around, we are capable of pinching 3 points. 

    No difference between finishing 3rd and 4th, so go there and play for the win to stay in touch with the top 2. Drop points and we know it's just about over and all our eggs go into the cup basket. 

  10. Solid win first up, seems we never really got out of 2nd gear and still managed to score three and hit the woodwork another 3 times. On another day we score 5-6. Not too much more to take out of it but the 3 points. 

    France beating the Netherlands is good news, it means assuming we beat Ireland in Greece in June (we also play France in June but we assume that's a loss and anything we get out of it is a bonus) we would be leading the Dutch heading into our match-up in September. The Dutch don't play in June due to the Nations League finals. 

    It will be important going to the Netherlands and being 3 points clear of them in September, meaning a draw will keep ourselves clear of them heading into the last 4 matches.

    Schedule has helped us, and France sweeping the group will also help. We can keep our noses in-front of the Netherlands until they come to Greece in our 2nd last match. 

    A lot of water to go under the bridge until then, but if we take care of business v Ireland (not easy) and Gibraltar we are in with a fighting chance to pinch 2nd spot.  

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  11. Kourbelis is out injured and will miss these games. 

    Reports saying that 8-9 players are locked in to start, they are: Vlachodimos, Baldock, Mavropanos, Chatzidiakos, Tsimikas, Siopis, Bakasetas, Mantalos, Fortounis. Question marks are over whether Pavlidis/Giakoumakis starts and Konstantelias/Masouras on the wing. 

    Bakasetas, Mantalos and Fortounis could be played in a few different positions, just depends on how Poyet wants to go about it. Either way I think that team is probably the best we can put out, and it should have enough attacking talent to score a few goals and record a routine victory.  


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  12. Baldock deemed fit to play after missing training yesterday, he trained fully today. Bouchalakis and Ioannidis in doubt at this stage. 

    Don't think we'll see anything out of the ordinary in terms of the eleven, would be nice to see Fortounis and Konstantelias starting on the wings given it will be a game where we will dominate the ball and need creativity to break down a parked bus. 

    Don't think Poyet will start Konstantelias though, he's probably more likely to go Masouras or Pelkas. Pavlidis incredible form this season commands a starting spot for him, he'll be leading the line. 

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  13. I’ve tuned into the last 10 mins or so and all hell has broken loose. Lucescu sent off, fans throwing s%$#! onto the pitch bench’s brawling etc. just another day it seems….

    +14 stoppage time as the commotion broke out just before stoppage time . 

    hopefully no more incidents it could get ugly

  14. Really, how come pash? I think he is a good fit for Lucescu's style and while he isn't as a potent finisher as a Prijovic, we play our best football with him on the pitch.

    We are building towards competing for the title next season (still in the race this year but we are playing catch-up and it's probably out of reach for 22-23), unless an absolute superstar comes I don't see Lucescu wanting to go with anyone else leading the line for next season. I hope he re-signs and is able to keep producing what he has this year. 

    They may look to upgrade on Thomas as the back-up, but his late season scoring may sway the club to trigger his 1+1 renewal option. 

  15. We've come a long way from having no strikers to now having too many to call up! Douvikas misses out despite being in solid form for Utrecht. I have no complaints with the 3 strikers who have been called up, but Douvikas can consider himself unlucky. 

    Limnios must be called up more to support and give his teammates a mental boost. He hasn't played for Koln yet since returning from his knee injury but he has had some minutes for their youth team. 

    A little surprised Retsos has been called up, he's been very average for Olympiako this year. Not sure why Poyet doesn't like Nikolaou, called him up a year ago for his first matches in charge and he hasn't been seen since. Despite being a starter in Serie A for close to 2 years.

    I can see the logic with the Tzavellas call-up (he wants a 'senior' center back in the squad) even if I don't agree with it. 

    An inform Fortounis can only do good for the Ethniki, if he and Konstantelias get on the pitch together we are going to see some magic. 

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  16. In terms of Trophies won? Yes it is, from 2017 we have won 5 trophies where the club had 6 total honours previous to that recent success (League and Cup). 

    A lot of older fans highlight the 70's as PAOK's golden era, with some legendary players, slick football and our first league title was captured along with 2 cups. My Dad constantly goes on about that period, and how they "Weren't allowed" to win more by the Athens clubs. Way before my time and I personally don't like to get swept up in all that other stuff. 

    For me yes, recent yes has been the most successful. The weight of trophies I think supports that. Ultimately it depends who you ask, others may say the Koudas led team of the 70's was the most successful era for the club. 

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