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  1. Happy New Year to all fans RED GREEN YELLOW etc fans :tup:

    I was wondering whats happend to all our THRYLOS fans.The second round is only 2 days away and they must be still stuffed from all the food and cakes during the break :P

    KOKKALHS will bring a big name player to our club in the next couple of weeks so log back in ASAP :LOL: :LOL:

    Castigio would be nice with a Brazilian no 10

    All the best for 2010 to all Phantis fans

    ELLAS will also kick arse in the World Cup :gr:

  2. I have just heard that Matt Derbyshire, an English striker from Blackburn Rovers, has been picked up on a 6 month loan. What is Oly thinking????? I don't think he can fit into Kovacevic's boots.

    He might surprise us all and score the winning goal against AEk :LOL:

    Only time will tell B)

  3. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Avraam is NOT good enough to be playing as a first team player.

    I hope I am proven wrong, but I think the manga (he is no longer a kid as he will be 24 in 3 months) would struggle this season.

    Lets NOT judge him yet....In 2 months time if he continues like this we can start calling him a PALTO :LOL: :LOL:

    Lets wait and see who will want to come to Olympiakos now that there will be no champions league :whistle:

    The big name players will go to Anorthosis :LOL: :LOL:

    O Kokkalhs mas ekane KAFENEIO :tdown:

  4. Diogo has arrived in Greece and any minute now his transfer will be official and maybe Olympiakos will be able to have him ready for the return game against Anorthosi.

    Mas ta exoune priksei ta @@ fetos....8a er8ei , 8a fugei , den erxete , bhke sto aeroplano ....oust palioma#$kes :whistle:

    Kokkalh kane to BAM giati mas exoume skasei fetos :tdown:

    Poso ypomonh xreiazomaste????

  5. Does anyone have a link on our new signing Diogo?????

    Lets see what this guy has to offer and then we can all judge him in 6 months B)

    15M euro...bravo Kokkalh tous edeikses poios enai to afediko allh mia fora :LOL: :LOL:

    Kokkalh fere kai ton Edu apo thn Betis kai 8a eimaste mia xara :nw:

  6. It looks like the surprise signing the 'BAM' is almost here...If its not Bradao i wreckon it might be CRESPO :P

    Dudu is a great signing but i saw Leto in action and this guy is quick and has talent...i wonder the Liverpool coach is spitting chips that he's gone for 2 years :LOL: :LOL:

    We are getting midfielders and strikers BUT we forgot to get a young keeper!!!

    Nikopolidhs 37 :whistle: and Kovac 34 :whistle:

    Kokkalhs might surprise us with a couple of more BAMS :LOL: :LOL:

  7. It is clear that Diogos manager and his Portuguese management are delaying giving an answer to olympiakos because they want more :whistle:

    Wender Breman has just come into the picture now with 12 Million euro

    Xesta Mesa :tdown:

    Diogo will NOT be coming to Olympiakos :angry:

    Ksypnate reeeeeeeeeeeeee ferte paiktes stn omada alliws parte dromo :P

    When i see Leto arrive on Tuesday in Greece only then i will believe that he is going to wear the red and white :1eye:

  8. Our management must have rocks in their head :angry:

    We have only 2 weeks left until the most important match of the year and they think they can bargain the players they want like bargaining at the Sunday markets :whistle:

    Wake up or else hand the team we love to the Aggelopoulos brothers :tup:

    We need 2 strikers ,1 left midfielder and 1 defensive midfilder....and they considered keeping the kreas Allonso :nono: and almost got Basinas :angry:

    I hope we can sign the 4 players ASAP or else we will struggle in 2 weeks..

    KOKKALH bring back Castigio :tup:

  9. Lol if thats true another one that has gotten away from Australia. There are rumours in Greece saying we are after a big name Argentinan striker. I wonder who.

    When i see this big name player i will believe it :o

    I cannot believe it is taking so long to sign up the players our club needs :whistle:

    Lets hope we sign up a quality striker and defensive midfielder because Champions League is only around the corner B)

  10. Well that is a good move from Oly but now the question is how long will he stay there? Not how long is the contract but how long is Kokalis going to keep him there!

    The guy is hoping to spend xmas in greece :P

    The greeks want success in 6 months :tdown:

    Lets give this guy a fair go and we might all suprise ourselves :LOL: :LOL:

  11. This is :xxx: bullshit :huh?:

    KOKKALH is the biggst joke who does NOT give a s#@t about the club :whistle:

    He is te biggest tight arse :la:

    LEMONIS will set us back 15-20 years...

    Ga$%@tai doikhsh mas kai ta plhrwnoume emeis oi filathloi...

    Kyrie Kokkalh ta meloi apo 70,000 pou eixane ftasei oute ta 500 den tha exeis mexri to PASXA :whistle:

    Twra mas ta priksate ta @@ gia ta kala :xxx:

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