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  1. Happy New Year to all fans RED GREEN YELLOW etc fans :tup: I was wondering whats happend to all our THRYLOS fans.The second round is only 2 days away and they must be still stuffed from all the food and cakes during the break :P KOKKALHS will bring a big name player to our club in the next couple of weeks so log back in ASAP :LOL: :LOL: Castigio would be nice with a Brazilian no 10 All the best for 2010 to all Phantis fans ELLAS will also kick arse in the World Cup :gr:
  2. He might surprise us all and score the winning goal against AEk :LOL: Only time will tell B)
  3. If we get Castigio it will be shut the gate :LOL: :LOL: He wants to play against Vundra and seriegi :P
  4. Lets NOT judge him yet....In 2 months time if he continues like this we can start calling him a PALTO :LOL: :LOL: Lets wait and see who will want to come to Olympiakos now that there will be no champions league :whistle: The big name players will go to Anorthosis :LOL: :LOL: O Kokkalhs mas ekane KAFENEIO :tdown:
  5. Mas ta exoune priksei ta @@ fetos....8a er8ei , 8a fugei , den erxete , bhke sto aeroplano ....oust palioma#$kes :whistle: Kokkalh kane to BAM giati mas exoume skasei fetos :tdown: Poso ypomonh xreiazomaste????
  6. Does anyone have a link on our new signing Diogo????? Lets see what this guy has to offer and then we can all judge him in 6 months B) 15M euro...bravo Kokkalh tous edeikses poios enai to afediko allh mia fora :LOL: :LOL: Kokkalh fere kai ton Edu apo thn Betis kai 8a eimaste mia xara :nw:
  7. It looks like the surprise signing the 'BAM' is almost here...If its not Bradao i wreckon it might be CRESPO :P Dudu is a great signing but i saw Leto in action and this guy is quick and has talent...i wonder the Liverpool coach is spitting chips that he's gone for 2 years :LOL: :LOL: We are getting midfielders and strikers BUT we forgot to get a young keeper!!! Nikopolidhs 37 :whistle: and Kovac 34 :whistle: Kokkalhs might surprise us with a couple of more BAMS :LOL: :LOL:
  8. It is clear that Diogos manager and his Portuguese management are delaying giving an answer to olympiakos because they want more :whistle: Wender Breman has just come into the picture now with 12 Million euro Xesta Mesa :tdown: Diogo will NOT be coming to Olympiakos :angry: Ksypnate reeeeeeeeeeeeee ferte paiktes stn omada alliws parte dromo :P When i see Leto arrive on Tuesday in Greece only then i will believe that he is going to wear the red and white :1eye:
  9. Our management must have rocks in their head :angry: We have only 2 weeks left until the most important match of the year and they think they can bargain the players they want like bargaining at the Sunday markets :whistle: Wake up or else hand the team we love to the Aggelopoulos brothers :tup: We need 2 strikers ,1 left midfielder and 1 defensive midfilder....and they considered keeping the kreas Allonso :nono: and almost got Basinas :angry: I hope we can sign the 4 players ASAP or else we will struggle in 2 weeks.. KOKKALH bring back Castigio :tup:
  10. When i see this big name player i will believe it :o I cannot believe it is taking so long to sign up the players our club needs :whistle: Lets hope we sign up a quality striker and defensive midfielder because Champions League is only around the corner B)
  11. The guy is hoping to spend xmas in greece :P The greeks want success in 6 months :tdown: Lets give this guy a fair go and we might all suprise ourselves :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Leave our supercoach alone :P There are rumours that Lemonis wants to play full attack 4-3-3 against W.Breman in Germany :LOL: :LOL:
  13. This is :xxx: bullshit :huh?: KOKKALH is the biggst joke who does NOT give a s#@t about the club :whistle: He is te biggest tight arse :la: LEMONIS will set us back 15-20 years... Ga$%@tai doikhsh mas kai ta plhrwnoume emeis oi filathloi... Kyrie Kokkalh ta meloi apo 70,000 pou eixane ftasei oute ta 500 den tha exeis mexri to PASXA :whistle: Twra mas ta priksate ta @@ gia ta kala :xxx:
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