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  1. re paidia...... i saw that Rangers didnt play as well as pao during that game but s%$#! happens get over it When oly loses in England i will have to get over it. the problem was that you guys got your hopes up
  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :gr: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: i am sorry but i had to unfortunatley you lost to get more points in europe
  3. how great would it be with an aek pao oly cl groups!!
  4. you take eveything so seriouslyi understand that people are working hard to keep this forum alive but ziaka did the best job i dont know any details but thats just my opinion. lately he has been an occasional poster but he cared about phantis if it wasnt for coll people like dark horse and crazy i would leave
  5. i have been a member of phantis as well for about 4 years now and i always looked up to him in many ways. i cannot believe this, this is a cruel world. the one man who seemed to me to do the most work around here is gone. i just found this post because i have been away and i am shocked about this. completely stunned!!!!!! If Ziaka is done with the internet for good but if he posts somewhere else, that would suck because i would have to leave as well
  6. the numbers will change soon my friend give it a good 5 years
  7. i wanna sleep tho :P :P 12 pm reminds me a greek league... varethika pia olo 12!!! :P :LOL: you think 12 is early feel sorry for me 9am pacific time and sometimes even 645 AM!!!!!!!!! ;)
  8. boring game but never the less we can tie in england and still have a chace nikopolidi vs cech penalties haha
  9. this sack really suprised me i think he did a good job on winning games but recently he hasnt been doing so well i think demi should of given him a second chance at least like liverpool gave to benitez ( well, thats not paying off that much) i hope cesar plays now he is a good addition to the lineup
  10. for the gaslleti thing he didnt play last week, and no were the refs favoring oly cause if u remember a key stat. olympiacos had 28 fouls to panionios 7, and i dont remember oly being very rough.
  11. Olympiakosthyra7

    rivaldo does slow the game down, he should only get the ball during a free kick thats what i think
  12. is domi ready yet ive always liked him too bad he breaks a different bone in his body every game
  13. the superleague will get better in about 10 years lol
  14. http://www.contra.gr/news_large.aspx?date=...today&paper=fos can someone explain to me the big headline in the middle ti 8a kanoune to kalokaipi????
  15. this really pisses me off..... one crappy game that oly played and all you guys are going on and on about how bad we suck and pay the refs. until this year, we never did well in europe, but when people like bajevic and castillos 15 mil stepped up, we played better in greece and in europe. every team has a bad day and i dont think one bad result should give the pao and aek fans, mostly pao, the F***in right to talk about olympiakos and say the same s%$#! over and over again about 7-0 etc etc. This is a dog eat dog world and of course money hungry people will go to court and get three points,
  16. I do not understand why uefa or anyone would allow this transfer in the first place... is our league that much not important to them??? It would be great to get the points but we dont deserve them i hope nothing happens and apollon will get all 3
  17. The thing that pisses me off is that my friends are starting to cheer for the Patriots. Why i dont understand. They are local boys and should be 49er fans. What has become of this world, cheering for cheaters????
  18. truedont worry give it 50 years and we will be the best league in europe
  20. i know you had respect for him, but when they interviewed him the other day he was looking forward to the match in kalamaria and didnt care about the NT stuff. he seems devoted to olympiakos. He acts like a bum to people who dont even respect him like otto. can you imagine to just be remembered at 33 to play for your country. you are giving this guy too much of a hard time, who really cares if he makes the NT or not.
  21. eleos paidia otto just remembered him at 33 i think he should keep otto on the edge of his seat
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